Turbo Tax Free Editionbait and switch

I have always used Turbo Tax Free Edition for my taxes, and there has never been any charge for federal or state (Oregon). However, this year I was about 1/2 through my taxes when I was informed that since I have to claim my Oregon tax refund from last year as income on this years taxes..I can't use the free edition - I have to pay. What!? I checked the last 3 years of filings, everything (except the numbers) are exactly the same...claimed state tax refund as income, itemized my deductions, etc...all the same. It has always been free...ALWAYS. It ended up costing me over $70 to file my "free for everyone" taxes, and I only make a little over $20, 000 annually. I called the 800 number to complain [protected]), and the individual said that this year Turbo Tax changed all the various options "so they are consistent between online & purchased products". I don't care about that, I care they have apparently downgraded each and every version so that virtually everyone has to upgrade to the next high level of product. According to the internet - there is a growing tide of irate customers and their stock is plummeting. Good - customers rule! If we don't buy because you are using bait and switch tactics...your company will fail. It's not like Turbo Tax is the only tax service.

Feb 13, 2015

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