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Turbo Tax Deluxe / Double Your Income

1 DE, United States Review updated:

On the 4th of February 2008 I transmitted my Turbo Tax e-file and noticed that it was not what I had printed and saw it doubled our income. I called Turbo Tax and was told to have the IRS reject our submittal. I called and the IRS - very nice - said we can't do that. They suggested we wait and file an amended form, but give them (IRS) a chance to review our file.

So the next day they accepted our submittal and I printed off the file. It showed that we were getting back $4438 instead of the $9330. The Turbo Tax form now shows we had a back tax bill of $5600. So I have been waiting for a $4438 refund and today the 4th of March finally got through to the IRS - Nice People- and they found our 1040 package and said we were in the BALANCE DUE stack with us owing them $15, 500 and wondered when we would be sending in the check? After explaining the situation to the lady she informed me of the following. 1) Since it is a balance due 1040 they will not look at those forms till after April so they can get everyone’s refund out first. 2) After they go through the Balance Dues they will go to the amended forms and process those - probably June or July and it will probably be 8-10 weeks after that. 3) We should expect a notice of our taxes due in June with a penalty and interest date based on our original filing of February 4th. 4) Penalties and Interest will start and they will be charged to us till we can get this straightened out. 5) Refund - maybe by the end of the year. 6) We need to call the Taxpayers Advocates Service for help.

Although the support at T Tax has been good the lack of knowledge seems to be the biggest problem. They also haven’t really taken this as a problem of their software so far. They requested I send my CD back to them so they can evaluate it and refund my cost. I think I will hold onto my software. Also we will not use T Tax for our amended forms.

Turbo Tax had me go through their support center – but since I didn’t have a letter from the IRS it won’t take it. I did file a claim with them and we will wait to see what happens. I feel they really need to be more sympathetic. If this had happened to someone who had lost their job, maybe losing their house or looking for a quick refund to buy food - they are out of luck.

We will wait and see if Turbo Tax does respond but – BEWARE it could be a problem for someone else. As a side bar I have used T. Tax for the last five years and it has been a great product. I now have gone to Tax Cut and I really like it – it seems easier to use more “user friendly”. The older T. Tax products were easier to use than the new ones.

Just got a respond from T. Tax. Here it is.

Thank you for submitting your claim under the TurboTax Accuracy Guarantee. Your situation does not require the detailed analysis which is performed for Accuracy Guarantee claims, and as such you can have your questions answered more quickly by calling our Technical Support Group.

To contact our Technical Support Group, please go to:

We look forward to working with you! Your satisfaction is our aim.


TurboTax Accuracy Guarantee

More information: The Accuracy Guarantee group is only available to respond to customers who have been assessed penalties and/or interest by a taxing authority. For further information about submitting a claim under the TurboTax Accuracy Guarantee, please visit

Well I guess that answers my questions.. Anyone have a good lawyer? I did what they told me to do..

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  • Ja
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    turbo tax did the same thing to me... doubled my income making it appear that i owed $10, 000.00 plus ...when I am really owed a refund of $7300.00
    I spent all day (from 10am to 1pm) on line with their tech support... Poor guy tried everything... ...the end result.. I couldn't amend my return because the figures that I originally input were correct...
    I spoke with the IRS.. downloaded a 1040x.. made the corrections and sent it off in the mail today...There may be a time gap between them looking at my ammended form.. cause they hold off on that .. and them sending me a bill.. cause they don't hold off on that...
    so... buyer... BEWARE

  • Wa
      1st of Apr, 2011
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    Same thing happened to us, but with the online service...did not get a CD.
    Very poor! Not only should they refund our purchase price, but the cost to have ammendment done elsewhere, fees and interest due to the IRS, AND interest for having our refund tied up for several onths when we should have had it back in 10 days!!

    Has a class action suit been started yet?

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