Tupperwarecomplaint against consultant crystal townsend and tupperware support

I ordered the tupperware impressions classic bowl set, can opener, and a purple pitcher on april 23, 2017. I have yet to receive the products. Have numerous times contacted the consultant, crystal townsend, she kept telling me "it was shipped". She told me on may 18th that it was shipped once more and gave me simply a screen shot (which was not legible) and told me to contact fedex. Not so great customer support there. After contacting fedex, I find out that she put in the wrong address the whole time. My address and information was clearly typed out through fb messenger. I paid her through paypal "friends and family"-by her request.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Midland, TXSince is was not paid through goods and services, I cannot file a complaint with paypal. Now, I believe she purposely asked for their method so that I can't file a complaint. I asked her for a refund. She refused. I called tupperware directly. The representative could barely speak english. Very frustrating. After much effort, they were finally able to locate my order. I was informed that the consultants can issue refunds. Crystal townsend is simply refusing to do so after multiple requests. With the poor customer service through tupperware and through their consultant-I do not want to support or have their products-just my full refund of $110.84.

May 19, 2017

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