True Fitnessthe cost of staff's inefficiency have to bare by the consumer

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When i sign up the fitness plan on April 2008, it's a 24 months contract. It's a auto debit payment. I been told by the agent (Mr. Hamdan) that i can terminate the fitness contract with any documents support, like company offer letter and so on. Therefore, i signed up. On the August 2008, i got a job offer in Hong Kong. I went to True Fitness to do my termination once i recieved my company offer letter. The staff (Miss Farah) photocopy my company offer letter and promise me that the termination will be start from Sept 2008 onwards.

After two months, i checked back my credit card statement, True Fitness still charging me for Sept and Oct. I contacted them, they gave me another excuse where company offer letter wasn't enough to prove that i work in Hong Kong. I gave them the photocopy of my working Visa and company ID. And again, they promise will terminate it from November 2008 onwards. After half a year, True Fitness still not terminate my contract, they are still charging my credit card even they had recieved all the documents.

I called the bank to stop the payment, bank said they can't do it unless have the authority from True fitness. I porposely came back to Malaysia to deal with the Branch Manager, (Mr. Steven). He gave another excuse where my working visa will end on Sept 2009, so, the period of my Visa is not long enough to prove that i will be in Hong Kong for 3 years. Actually, my company offer letter clearly stated my contract with my current company will be 3 years, and visa will renew every year.

Mr Steven admitted it was their fault for only informing about my working visa problem after half a year. Mr Steven offered me an option where i pay for my suspention fees (20% of the member fees) for July, August and Sept 2009. They will suspend my account until i recieve my new visa, then they will do the termination. All together they over charge me for 10 months (Sept 2008 until June 2009). I'm willing to pay for the suspention fees, i asked for a refund for the over charge 10 months. Mr Steven refuse to refund, he said he can only give back 10 months of the membership. I rejected his offer, because i won't be able to attend even he gave me the membership.

Why the cost of the staff's inefficiency have to bare by the consumer??

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  • Zu
      Aug 01, 2009

    u can take true fitness to consumer tribunal court. & get your money back. that'll teach them a lesson.

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  • Ar
      Aug 12, 2009

    True Fitness Subang again? Similar case happened to me & my friend... it is due to theirs staff lack of knowledge & sense of responsibility towards their customers we end up paying for nothing!

    Yes, we should have someone to teach them a real big lesson, go complaint them!

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