Tru BellezaSkin cream unauthorized credit card charges

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ordered trial sample and authorized charges.. came to 2x 6.77 and 1x2.23.. this was on November 13/2015.. this was on a new credit card.. I did not receive access to this account until jan 6, 2016.. and have discovered there are 5 more charges ..2 on November 27th for 136.97 and 123.48 another one on dec 27th for 142.55 and another one on jan 1st for 128.18 total of unauthorized charges is 532.18 and I have not received any other products other than the initial sample.. I did have a shipment come the end of December but I sent it back as it was never ordered or wanted

Jan 07, 2016
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  • Ta
      Jan 09, 2016

    You are not alone! Lots of people scammed by Tru Belleza on this site. Check it out!
    I have not seen an advert since I was scammed, and prior to ordering my sample for $4.95, I saw adverts constantly...for YEARS!
    I would like to contact the famous people who endorsed these products with before and after pictures. Do they even know their photos and endorsements are being used? Or are they being scammed as well. Address is South Carolina, 120 Smith Hinds Rd., Greenville South Carolina. 29607 USA. I am contacting Greenville police to see if they actually exist, and to deliver the message that they are scamming people and to send the police the complaints here. Please read my other posts for more details of my complaint. Please contact me here if you have seen ads recently with the names of the actors/actresses used in the ads. Thank you. We need to work together to stop this!

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  • Tr
      Jan 11, 2016

    Please understand that we are a fair company and our main goal is to satisfy our customers both with our products as well as our service but we also need to consider a few important things in assisting our customers that would be fair to the company also. In every website that we have, there is always a copy of our terms and conditions to inform our customers how our free trial would work.

    Upon ordering, you agree to pay $4.99 shipping and handling for a month supply of Tru Belleza. You will have 14 days from your original order date to decide if you want to continue or not. If you do nothing within the trial period after 14 days from the date you purchased, you will be charged for the full cost of the bottle as you already have the 30 day supply of the product. Also you will be automatically enrolled to an auto-ship program. All of the information that the customer need to know who is availing our products are clearly stated on the terms, including our contact information and the original product price.

    When you place an order by clicking any button containing the words “Submit, ” or “Order Now, ” or “Confirm Order, ” or similar syntax, you manifest your agreement to the terms and conditions and you are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms. By placing an order, you are electronically singing your order and authorizing us to charge payments against your debit or credit card that you provided. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms, you may not access or purchase any product(s). It is suggested that you print the form for your personal records.

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  • Ta
      Jan 12, 2016

    You hide the terms and conditions when ordering the samples, confirm only the $4.95 in your order confirmation, then begin a subscription that the consumer has no idea they have ordered, before they even try the product or like or dislike the product, have no idea there is a 14 day trial period for a product they never ordered, and of which there is NO mention in your order confirmation. Why do you simply not refund the amounts when the customer tells you they have no knowledge of these terms and conditions, trial period or subscription? If you were a reputable company, you would be up front with all these issues. Instead you prefer to trick people into doing something they have no intention of doing. Why can't you just be transparent and honest in the first place? What a horrible way to make a living by scamming people. How do you sleep at night? Just return everyone's money here and start advertising in an upfront way. By the way, is Sally Fields now one of your testimonial people? I see her endorsement on a wrinkle that you?!? Return our money to those who are obviously tricked here. Be honest!

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  • Ta
      Jan 12, 2016

    Alvena Ani-Aging and Dua DermavSerum...are these your products too, under a new name, Tru Belleza? I suspect they are...featured on Dr. Oz and promoted by Sally Field with before and after photos?
    These products sound exactly like yours!
    I'll contact Sally Field and ask her.
    Refund all my money. That's what I want. Do it!

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  • Le
      Feb 17, 2016

    this is truly a rip off... They hide the fact that the first order is just shipping and handling - i never knew i would be charged that much otherwise i would have never ordered it in the first is no different then cream you can buy at Walmart...for 12.00 or 15.00 dollars. Watch out this is a scam - they don't tell you anywhere is the trial offer you will be signed up for monthly program and they will bill your credit card every month ...DON'T BUY IT ... IT DOSEN ' T WORK LIKE THEY SAY and your credit card will be invoiced for 129.84 Canadian for the moisturizer and 144.57 canadian for eye cream.

    This is such a scam and a company that can't be upfront about extra charges that are coming within 14 days of receiving the product ... in my eyes it is fraud... but when you call to complain they direct to the agreement page which is hidden when your looking at the product for the first time . and your out the money even though you didn't know they were going to charge you for it even the conformation does not mention the additional charges it is not until its too late... because you won't get your visa statement until the 14 days has past what a rip off ... this is very misleading as a consumer and something should be done about ...

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  • Tr
      Feb 23, 2016

    Yes, it's a total scam

    They hide the "Terms and Conditions" and then all these unauthorized debits appear on your credit card. They are a bunch of weasels preying on honest people. I imagine the cream is a bunch of emulsified crap. Then you have to return their crap in order to get a refund, these people are bottom feeders.
    Run away

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  • Tr
      Feb 23, 2016

    Yep, here's what they hide from the unsuspecting honest people - weasels

    How Does the Trial Offer Work?

    A trial offer is a way to get the full 30 day supply of Instalift Rapid Wrinkle Control where you pay only $4.95 upfront and enroll in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $99.95 for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $99.95 and shipped another bottle. A trial is not a free sample. The price of $99.95 that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. The Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer trial is only $4.95 upfront and just like the Instalift Rapid Wrinkle Control trial. You will be enrolled in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $89.95 for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $89.95 and shipped another bottle. A trial is not a free sample. The price of $89.95 that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. When you order a trial, you have to check that you agree to our terms and conditions and enroll in our monthly shipment program. There will be a $1.63 fulfillment packing fee per trial order.

    Important Notes:

    The trial begins the same day you order. It doesn’t begin when you receive the trial in the mail.
    We allow only 1 trial purchase per household.
    As part of ordering a trial, you agree to join a recurring membership plan. You can modify your subscription anytime by contacting us.
    Email is the fastest way to get a response. Email us at [protected]
    This is not a free sample offer. We only sell Trū Belleza as a trial, which turns into a subscription or individual bottles.
    In your emails, please provide your full name, and phone number.
    The trial period begins on day of order. To clarify, it does not begin when you receive the product.
    Our delivery times depend on the delivery service selected and may be disrupted. We can not be held responsible for reasonable delays by customs, the delivery carriers, weather circumstance or holidays.
    Customer is ordering the product with no signature required unless the customer specifically requested to pay an extra fee of $10 for trackable shipping. The shipment tracking code # is the sole item and will serve as proof of delivery without a signature requirement.
    The customer agrees they must show proof they emailed us to our proper support email address before escalating an issue to a third party/financial institution. Otherwise, any escalation will be considered invalid.
    Important Disclosure to Prospective Consumers & Compliance:

    We don’t guarantee our products will help you achieve any sort of reversal of aging, wrinkle reduction, or permanent appearance changes
    We don’t claim our products are a replacement to a medical opinion or surgery
    We don’t claim our products will help you regardless of your lifestyle
    Do not order our products if you are under the age of 18, if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a conflicting medical condition. We will not be held liable for your your purchases if you don’t abide by these conditions.
    We don’t claim the ingredients within our product will work as well as studies. Note: if we do talk about a specific ingredient we are talking about that ingredient by itself according to a specific study. We don’t guarantee our product(s) will work as well as products named in studies.
    We don’t provide medical opinions and can not make claims towards the safety of our product(s) because they haven’t been specifically tested against medical conditions. This helps ensure we act both honestly and lawfully. If you decide to try our products, you agree to do so entirely your own risk as we can’t be held responsible for any interactions, complications, or side effects. We don’t provide any warranties regarding safety. Although our ingredients are designed to come from natural extracts, we would never want to make unverified claims regarding the safety or effectiveness of our product(s).
    This is a binding agreement between You, the person or entity agreeing to the terms contained in this document (“You”, “Your” or “Customer”), and Our “Company” the owner and administrator of this Website and all content and functionality contained herein.


    Arbitration Agreement and Class Action Waiver. Except where prohibited by law, you and Our Company agree that any dispute between us (including disputes against any agent employee, subsidiary, affiliate, predecessor in interest, successor, or assign of the other) relating to our Site, the services or materials provided through our Site, any transaction or relationship between us resulting from your use of our Site, communications between us, or the purchase, order, or use of our products, will be resolved exclusively and finally by binding arbitration and the arbitration decision may be enforced and judgment entered thereon in any court of competent jurisdiction. Any such arbitration will take place in the county or municipality where we have a principal business address or such other location where we mutually agree. We may also mutually agree to have the arbitration conducted by telephone or based on written submissions. You and Our Company agree that this arbitration agreement is made pursuant to a transaction involving interstate commerce and shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”), and not by any state law concerning arbitration. You and Our Company further agree that any determination regarding the applicability, enforceability, or validity of this arbitration agreement will be made by the arbitrator, not by any court.

    BY AGREEING TO THIS ARBITRATION AGREEMENT, YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR RIGHT TO GO TO COURT, INCLUDING YOUR RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. In arbitration, a dispute is resolved by a neutral arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, rather than by a judge or jury. Arbitration is more informal than a court trial; however, an arbitrator can award the same relief that a court can award. The arbitration will be administered by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), and conducted under AAA’s Commercial Arbitration Rules and the Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes (collectively, the “AAA Rules”) then in effect at the time of the dispute. You may obtain copies of the AAA Rules and forms and instructions for initiating arbitration by visiting the AAA website at, or by calling AAA at [protected]. If you initiate arbitration, Our Company will reimburse you for any standard filing fee which may have been required by AAA once you have notified Our Company in writing and provided a copy of the arbitration proceedings. However, if Our Company is the prevailing party in the arbitration, applicable law may allow the arbitrator to award attorneys’ fees and costs to Our Company. If for any reason the AAA is unavailable, the parties shall mutually select another arbitration forum.

    There shall be no right or authority for any claim to be arbitrated on a class action basis or in a purported representative capacity. No claim submitted to arbitration is heard by a jury or may be brought as a private attorney general. You do not have the right to act as a class representative or participate as a member of a class of claimants with respect to any claim submitted to arbitration. The arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s claims against Our Company and may not preside over any kind of representative or class proceeding against Our Company, its agents, officers, shareholders, members, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, predecessors in interests, successors and/or assigns. You acknowledge that this class action waiver is material and essential to the arbitration of any disputes between the parties and is non-severable from the agreement to arbitrate claims. If any portion of this class action waiver is limited, voided, or cannot be enforced, then the parties’ agreement to arbitrate shall be null and void. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BY AGREEING TO THIS ARBITRATION AGREEMENT, WHICH CONTAINS THIS CLASS ACTION WAIVER, YOU MAY ONLY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST Our Company, ITS AGENTS, OFFICERS, SHAREHOLDERS, MEMBERS, EMPLOYEES, SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, PREDECESSORS IN INTEREST, SUCCESSORS AND/OR ASSIGNS IN AN INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS ACTION OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS ARBITRATION AGREEMENT AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER, YOU MUST TELL US IN WRITING, NOT USE OUR PRODUCT OR WEBSITE, AND RETURN THE PRODUCT FOR A REFUND WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PLACING AN ORDER FOR THE PRODUCT, PURSUANT TO THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

    We allow only 1 trial purchase per household. Our products are not free samples. Our products are trials. The trial period begins on day of order. To clarify, it does not begin when you receive the product.

    You are ordering a serum bottle of Trū Belleza with a 14 day trial offer that costs $4.95 for shipping and handling, and on day 14 you will be charged for the full price of $99.99. Orders are shipped via the US postal service. If you choose to keep the product beyond the trial period, you then will be charged the full amount of $99.99. Your 14 day trial begins when you place your trial order. If you are not satisfied with your Trū Belleza trial offer, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. If you are satisfied with your Trū Belleza trial offer, do nothing and your credit card will be charged an additional $99.99 approximately 45 days after you placed the order for your trial shipment. For every 30 days thereafter, we will automatically send you a 30-day supply of Trū Belleza. The credit card you provide today will be billed $99.99 14 days after your trial order is shipped to you, $99.99 will be billed to your credit card with each successive shipment thereafter.

    Failure to use the product(s) does not constitute a basis for refusing to pay any associated charges (i.e. trial charge). Returned merchandise requires a delivery confirmation from the shipping provider. We will not provide any refunds or accept any returns for any cancellations of trial orders made more than 30 days after placing your trial order.

    For recurring orders: All sales after the trial period are final.

    Please note :

    Any refunds applied can take up to 5 business days to process.
    We cannot process or refund packages marked “Return to Sender” and they are not considered cancellations or a proper reason to expect a refund.
    Refunds will be issued to the same credit card that was charged when ordering the product.
    The money back guarantee only applies to the first trial bottle purchased. Any other bottles are final sales.
    Processing & Shipping
    We use USPS and Canada Post as our official shipping carriers. All orders are processed within 2 business days, then will take approximately 5-7 business days to get to the customer (US Only). International shipments may take up to 7-10 business days.

    Please note the following terms:

    We want to make the return of our product as easy as possible for you.
    Please call us or email us if you have any questions or concerns. Our phone number is [protected], or email us at [protected]
    Refunds will only be issued to the same credit card to which they were charged.
    Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.
    After the warehouse receives your return, it generally takes 2-3 business days to process your return. Please keep in mind that your bank typically posts credit in the billing cycle in which it was received. Therefore, the number of days it takes for credit to post to your account may vary, depending on your bank’s billing and credit schedule.
    Our customer service representatives may offer you a discounted price or partial refund if you call to cancel your account. You may accept or reject the discounted price or partial refund. If you reject the discount or partial refund, then in order to obtain your refund you will be required to return the product to us as described above. If you accept the discount or partial refund, you agree to waive your right to return this order. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.
    These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between Trū Belleza and You, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties, and understandings with respect to the Website, the content, products, or services provided by or through the Website, and the subject matter of these Terms of Use. This Agreement is intended to be governed by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. You manifest Your agreement to the Terms in this document by any act demonstrating Your assent thereto, including clicking any button containing the words “I Agree”; “Rush My Order”; “Submit” or similar syntax, or by merely accessing the Website, whether You have read these terms or not. It is suggested that You print this form for Your personal records.

    You further agree not to use or access the Website if doing so would violate the laws of Your state, province or country. At the bottom of this page appears a “last modified” date. If the “last modified” date remains unchanged, then You may presume that no changes have been made since the “last modified” date. A changed “last modified” dates indicates that this document has been updated or edited, and the updated or edited version supersedes any prior versions immediately upon posting.

    Cancellation of Future Orders

    If you wish to cancel future deliveries of Product you must contact Our Customer Service at [protected], or by email at [protected] and request that such future shipments be terminated. When emailing us, please include your full name and address, as well as the name of the Product(s) that You ordered. Your request for termination, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, You will be responsible for payment for any Product that has either A) already been shipped to You or B) already been delivered to you at the time of your call. Since cancellation applies only to future orders that have not already been shipped or delivered, there is no need to return anything.

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for any medical advice provided by your physician or other medical professional. You should read all product packaging and labels. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your physician or health care provider

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  • Sh
      Mar 08, 2016

    Terms spell out a 13-day trial + 4-day shipping allowance (total 17 days trial period)
    * Billed 13 days and 15 days after ordering - These people violate their own terms - how can they expect anyone to abide by their own terms?

    * Their contact information is bogus. All phone numbers associated with this fraudulent outfit have the same reply: "Voicemail is full - cannot accept messages" or "All of our (phantom) customer reps are busy - please leave a message" to which you will never receive a reply.

    * According to their terms and conditions: the fastest way to contact them is by email.
    * All 5 emails associated with this company do not exist:
    Anything you send out to these comes back as: undeliverable.

    *The product is a joke!

    1. The The Rapid Wrinkle Control is to be "applied to the target area" but it comes out of the bottle so thick and dry that it does not even stay on the skin. How's this stuff supposed to work when it won't stay on?

    2. The ads and testimonial videos that lead a potential customer to the landing pages all promise fast, visible results. This is what arouses curiosity to visit the landing page in the first place. The "Must Follow" Rules for Getting Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles with True Belleza Products are a different story altogether.

    3. The Rapid Wrinkle Control is to be "applied to the target area for rapid reduction the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles" but you need to apply it for a minimum of 60 - 90 days before you can be assured of seeing results.
    So what's the point of the 17-day trial period? As a potential customer you are supposed to decide to purchase after seeing no results??? Daahh!

    In short,
    If you sign up for this:
    Cancel your credit card immediately!
    You cannot contact them to cancel in accordance with their terms anyway.
    The only way your credit card company will reverse the charges will be if you receive a notice of agreement from this company verifying that they will refund you.

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  • Sc
      Mar 16, 2016

    I cancelled my order 2 days after I placed my order. That same day I receive the eye cream but not the moisturizer. I reported my credit card stolen, and the bank said they would put a block on the card, so that no one would be able to process a payment toward the card. I don't want to return the product as that is an added expense to me for shipping. The company is in the US and I'm in Canada, don't think they will take any legal action towards me for not returning their product. What do you think? Funny thing about this, was that the agent I spoke to said they would accept a payment for $30.00 for each if I cancelled and kept the product. I informed her I still wanted to send the product back. She then said she would reduce the amount to $19.99 each. I still informed her that I wanted to send it back. She did send me a confirmation letter stating my order was cancelled and no future payment will be withdrawn from my credit card. Just want to screw them over and not send anything back seeing as they would not be able to take any more money from my credit card.

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  • Sa
      Mar 24, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    Company is a total scam, and I think I will be going Viral about it.

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  • Mi
      Mar 26, 2016

    Scam. Please don't order from this company unless you're are ready to pay between 250 and 800 dollars. Be aware...sounds to good to be true. me is!

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  • Je
      Apr 04, 2016

    This is completely a ripped off company. I ordered a trial 4.95 . Nowhere to mention that trial start form order date, but allow 7-10 business days. I ordered on Feb 12, my product was packaged from their company on the Feb 16, I received the product after 12 days on Feb 28 and without my knowledge my credit card was charged for $138, The box is a small 10 mg of cream, applied it on my face, rashes and itchiness everywhere, same day I called to cancelled. The agent never mentioned that they already charged my charge until I noticed the amount on my bill. ` A trial` I did not even get to see the product and I was charged. I had not touch the product in the event I got more rashes. This is completely scam

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  • Br
      Apr 29, 2016

    Thanks guys. I had ordered this "free" trial this morning and then after some digging, found this thread.
    I called them at the phone number listed above [protected]) and was able to speak to a rep.

    I told her I had not read the agreement and wanted to ask a few questions, she confirmed what everyone is saying in this thread:
    1. after 14 days I would be charged $99.99
    2. if I did receive this "free" trial and decided to cancel before 14 days, I would have to send back the "free" trial bottle they just sent me

    Got it all cancelled and am just waiting on my confirmation email (that I had to ask for). She said it would come 15 minutes after our phone call from her "client service manager".

    Thanks again guys!! Even if this product does work (which I honestly don't know), I don't like dealing with shady companies like this.
    Well done internet, well done.

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  • Fr
      May 04, 2016

    Comme je suis québécoise, je vous écrit en français, je vous ai renvoyé les produits, par la poste cela m'a coûté près de 9.00$
    J'ai cancellé les autres demandes, et je voudrais que vous me redonniez le montant de 148.30$ sur ma carte Visa, s'il vous plaît, car je n'ai pas toucher au produit. Je veux ravoir mon argent, merci.
    Mon adresse email. [protected]

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  • Ry
      May 05, 2016

    Totally scam!! I receive my product trial April 20, 2016 paid 4.95 for 2 product, but to my surprise i was charge for 99.45 & 104$ without my knowledge. It was already late when i found out, i try to contact them to tell them that i want my money back but no one respond. I cant believe this people exist.

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  • Ry
      May 05, 2016

    Does anyone one know how we can get back our money?

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  • Jo
      May 09, 2016

    This has also happened to me. They have agreed to refund me $50 US for each bottle. I am still out over $125.00 Canadian. This is so humiliating and frustrating. It really hurts the honest companies, that provide E commerce, because I will never order online from anyone other than Amazon again. Not to mention the product made my face break out, so it's useless for me.
    How are these companies allowed to continue?

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  • Ti
      May 14, 2016

    This company is a scammer. I ordered also a free trial for 5.38 on march 27 and at the same day they charged me another for 2.65 and 6.75. Then i was surprised when i got my credit card bill, they charged me for 134.83on april9 and 119.43 on april 11 which i did not receive any product from them. . I phoned my credit card company and they try to phone them but it doesn't work so they ask me to send my bill to them and they going to investigate how it happened. Is there any idea how can we get our money back.

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  • Tr
      May 16, 2016

    I had placed an order for this ### which total 14.95 which they took from me then they took 135'00 dollar's out my account which it was that they stole my money I never authorized by no means that could take that

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  • Ni
      May 18, 2016

    comme je suis quebecoise je vous ecrit en francais. Je vous remercie pour les echantillons que j'ai recus, Sur mon releve de compte visa il y a des montants de 152, 58 et 130, 00 que je n'ai pas authorises, J, ai donne non numero de carte de credit pour l'expedition des produits. echantillons. Je veux donc par la pressente lettre recevoir les montants factures en trop et je ne veux pas de produits. Je retourne ces boites de produits recus et ca coute 16, 72 $ a l'adresse suivante 120, Smith Hines Rd Greenville, SC 29607 USA mon email est [protected]

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  • Sc
      May 18, 2016

    On March 29, I ordered a free sample----that is what I thought it was. I was billed $2.95 USD =$3.92 CDN. Now on my next Visa bill, on April 24, 2016 I was billed $112.94 USD=$144.12CDN for a product I did not authorize. I just called the company, many times, only to be told "they could not hear me, I did not contact them after 14 days"...

    Do not order/even telephone this company...
    They will charge your credit card any way they can!!!

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  • Li
      May 18, 2016

    Had similar problem. Good luck!

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  • He
      May 20, 2016

    I also was taken ...I thought I was receiving a sample of instalift cream... (point) 5ml in a think it is a sample because its soooo small, Than you have the option to order more if you like it... so I thought...There is no mention of cost of this product...
    This just happened to me...Mid April 3.95 for shipping...end of April I was charged 112.00 usd and I live in Canada so the exchange for me was 145.00..On top of that the shipping cost for my free sample...Total 150.00 for me!
    Really...I was shocked when I saw the second billing...I am a careful person when it comes to this and the first time this has happen...
    They have it in a way with wording etc...that most won't pay attention to and after all your only paying the shipping at first for a sample and that is what it looks like! Not the product that you would use for a month.!
    Unfortunately I am out the whole amount as the credit card company said you authorized it...I guess I did buy accepting a free sample...trial...
    I called the company and did hit the cancel I talked with a rep...I said the same thing about scamming and how can you sleep at night after he read me the terms and conditions...
    I did get a cancelation order number over the phone and called my credit card company with that...
    I did send them an e-mail to TRU BELLEZA for a confirmation number and also asked for somewhat of a refund...
    I have not heard anything back...
    I makes me leery to keep my card active..but was assured if I had a number verbally OF CANCELLATION any future attempts for billing would be disputed...still I cant afford to have this type of billing put on there to begin with...Really!
    There goes weeks groceries I had budget for my family...
    Lesson Learn and I will trust no one unless I read the terms and conditions...
    Its too bad that they have spoiled it for allot of business and future who are legit.

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  • Da
      May 20, 2016

    Yes, I have been scammed by Trubelleza as well. The "free trial" arrived and I was charged the stated price. About 2 weeks later they charged me approximately $148.00 Cdn. I phoned my credit card company and was advised that I had not read the details of the terms and conditions. True enough I hadn't. The terms state that the free trial had to be returned and refused within about two weeks or else I would be charged the full amount. I then attempted contact with Trubelleza by phone and email but there was no response. I then sent an email cancelling any contract I was entered in with the company. However a month later another charge from the company appeared on my credit card statement. I contacted my credit card company and was advised that I would be refunded the charges and a stop payment would be issued for any further charges from this company. What a ripoff company Trubelleza is. The amount of skin cream received by the way is only a few ounces. Ridiculous.

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  • Fr
      May 21, 2016

    To johnbeamikki,
    How did you get your $50 refunds? What credit card company did that for you? I too am in Canada and am going to call my credit card company, MasterCard, to ask for assistance with the Trubelleza scam that fraudulently charged my card for 3 months. I did just call Trubelleza's [protected] number and talked to their rep named Atasha Robertson, who gave me a confirmation number for my contract being cancelled. We'll see if they actually do that. I'm also going to email them for confirmation of cancellation. I also cancelled on their website. Even though I'm using 3 ways to cancel, the only way I'll know I will never be charged again is by not seeing it on my credit card ever again.

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  • De
      May 23, 2016

    I got hit with the same thing . Just got off the phone with my bank and was advised he gets at least 30 of these kinds of calls per day. He advised me to email the company and wait 15 days and then the bank will dispute . He also told me my 2nd charge is on the account and I should get the products - we will see . he said do not return to sender - have to send back yourself and wait 15 days and if I don't receive my credit, the bank will dispute it . He cancelled my credit card to pervent them from getting me again. What a pain and a hatefull thing for a company to do .. there is no way one can see if the stuff is any good or work within the few days you get to try the stuff. I did not see what the cost was going to be . My total for the 2 was $ 285.20 and I sure as heck can not afford that and they are such small bottle/tube. I have to suffer with wrinles .

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  • Gi
      Jun 02, 2016

    Same thing happened with me, ordered the sample and charged $13.13 (Can) for two minute little samples of cream and serum. They didn't arrive for about 6 or 7 days - just noticed a charge for $150.73 (Can). I was incensed. Phoned the 1-900 number listed above and spoke with a representative, she insisted the trial period begins the day the product is shipped. Of course the "trial" period had expired by the time the $150 charge had appeared on my Visa bill. When i spoke to the representative she said the $150 was for the product I had already been charged $13 for (apparently that is considered a "free trial" and the $13 was the shipping & handling charges). The $150 is for the 1 fl.oz of serum and 0.5 oz of cream!! What a joke. What a rip-off! I am mad as hell that I fell for this scam. After strenuously arguing with her she did agree to a "part refund". I also phoned the visa company who said to return the product and send it by registered mail and if within 15 days I don't receive a credit on my account, the credit card company will dispute it. What a lot of trouble to go through. This company must be making a fortune by scamming people this way...what a hateful way of making a living. Oh and by the way - if I hadn't complained and stopped my account with the company, I would have been charged $150 (Can) each and every month for more product! One more thing...the phone number I gave them when I placed my initial "sample" order was my cell phone number - as I'm sick and tired of receiving unwanted solicitations on my land lind - well surprise surprise...since I gave this company my cell phone number I have received a marked increase in unwanted text and phone solicitations to my cell phone and that is the ONLY company that I have given that number out to. What a coincidence!

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  • Ma
      Jun 06, 2016

    This company is a scam. not only is their advertising super deceptive, it's criminal the way they place charges on your card when you haven't even received the product. nor are you able to follow there return policy as they make sure you don't get the product before the time limit is up. You can't get a hold of anyone on the one phone number that works. there has been no response to my emails as well, which is how they say is the fastest way to get a hold of them. This is a nightmare. hundreds of dollars are being charged to my account and not every 30 days either. it is every 4 days. My credit company is working with me to try to put an end to this but I don't know if any of my cancellations on the auto orders is being accepted. this is an nightmare. I will never shop online again. this company under various other names has scammed millions of people. Too bad they continue to get away with it. i

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  • Sh
      Jun 07, 2016

    Can anyone confirm what the charge shows as on the credit card? I have 2 charges: one showing as Pearlskin for 141 and one for skincream for 126...I believe both are this product...which is dry when dispensed from bottle as indicated above...grrrrr! Trying to contact SOMEONE to cancel. I am now into this for 4 months...that is over $1000. Terrible.

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  • Te
      Jun 14, 2016

    I placed the order for the free trail on April 24, 2016 and received the product on April 12 .I called two days later to cancel.I was told by the agent that it was canceled and she also gave me two cancelation numbers but only to see that they charged my credit card $432.75.I called and they gave me the run around and refused to give me a refund.I called my credit card company but still have it pending to see if I am going to get back some of my money and I also send a complain to the better business Bureau.I think someone should shut these people down because what they are doing is to scam us

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  • Te
      Jun 14, 2016

    Correct to the post.I got product on May 12

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  • Ki
      Jun 15, 2016

    I am disappointed in the practices of companies that take advantage of people.

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  • Ki
      Jun 15, 2016

    I cancelled the product back in April and was charged on my credit card $207.00. I agreed to pay $ 38.40 to cancel. And now you sending me more product I didn't order. I will be contacting my credit card company and inform them of fraudulent charges being made on my account.

    Thank you Kim Burleigh

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  • Fl
      Jun 22, 2016

    Total scam. Most upstanding companies have you check a box that you agree with the terms and conditions. I only ordered 1 product online and they called me right away on the phone .they convinced me to try another product as well for only a couple dollars more and at no time did she mention the true cost of the product or the return policy. When i did recieved the product they mention nothing in the letter about any future costs or the terms and agreement but they do offer you 20% off your next purchase. This doesn't make any sense since they automatically send and bill you!

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  • Al
      Jun 26, 2016

    Yes, I believe this is a scam. I too ordered the trial offer of Instalift and also age defying wrinkle serum for what I thought was only 'shipping and handling'. Was most surprised to find an extra $254.73 on my next credit card statement. This is my first and last experience ordering anything like this on the internet. The old adage "if it sounds too good to be true it is" is true, and it's truly a shame that a company doesn't have the integrity to tell people what they are really ordering without trying to hide costs.

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  • Sh
      Jul 19, 2016

    July 18, 2016 Total scam. Signed up for the trial - did not see anything about a trial period. So they charged my credit card in June and I didn't check my statements until I saw two line items on my July statement. When I called them, they offered the $80.00 US and I said that if that's all their product is really worth, they were just a bunch of snake oil salesmen. I spoke to my bank and they will try to get my money back for the July shipment (if I receive it, I'm to send it back to PO Box 500 North York ON M3J 0J8 with a tracking number). If no product arrives or the refund is not within 15 days of receipt of the returned item, the bank will dispute the charges (for July). Sadly this means I'll be out $260.14. Lesson learned - unless it's a large reputable company, don't order on-line products.

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  • Me
      Jul 30, 2016

    These guys are scam artists trying to make a fast buck off of hardworking people. I am an accountant and didn't think I would ever get caught in ### like this. There are NO "TERMS OR AGREEMENTS" when you sign up for the trial offer because if there were I WOULD HAVE READ THEM and declined the product in the first place!! When my package was received it gave me 72 hours to receive my 2nd shipment at half price. I wasn't willing to do that until I actually bought the product! Then a month later I was billed over $285 combined for two products that were sent (even though I only ordered the eye cream) and didn't know WTF the 2nd product was until it came and I had to read about it and DID NOT WANT OR ORDER!!! Finding out later that the FREE TRIAL OFFER (just pay shipping) was only the FIRST part of a contract that they don't display or show when you order!!! I want to see the terms and conditions of their "so called" agreement that NO ONE sees when you order...they must have one fricken good lawyer and everything sowed credit card company agrees with them!!! Sorry for my bad language but I am PISSED to say the least!! DO NOT...I SAY ***************DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS!!!****************************YOU WILL GET SCREWED!!! I am still waiting for a terms and conditions contract...somehow they DON'T want to give it to can a consumer BEWARE if they ARE NOT made aware in the first place!!! ONE VERY PISSED OFF PERSON!!!

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  • Fs
      Aug 18, 2016

    This company is the biggest scam! They are absolutely pushing the eCommerce law to the edge of what is legal. And the fact that they do not even try to rectify the situation and instead they remind you that they will have no trouble with taking you to court should you break the agreement which you likely have not even read or understand the implications. No where does it even tell you what the cost is or what their return policy is.
    They have put $600.00 worth of charges on my credit card. They were so rude when I called and the first 2 people disconnected the call. The third person was apparently a supervisor, she was smug. I am so upset that I did not look into this company before ordering the trial, but when they had a local phone number and seemed to be a Canadian company I automatically felt confident that it was not a scam.
    Their product is also questionable, I did not like it and felt like they put something in it that feels like you have glue on your face. My Aunt is a chemist and works for a global company that does testing and analysis for pharmaceutical companies and I have sent her an email to see if she can do an analysis of this product. If she is able to I will post the findings to this site.

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  • De
      Aug 22, 2016

    I'm not going into details just know this company needs to be stopped for all who will order this product in the future.

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