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120 Smith Hines Rd Greenville South Carolina United States 29607, Canada
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I found their AD on line for a FREE TRIAL of Instalift Wrinkle Control on May 13th. I placed an order giving them my card to charge for delivery of $1.31 and $5.25 US on May 14.

I received a tube of Instalift on June 30, 2016.

I saw my VISA account charged May 27 for $151.30 and again on June 28 for $151.95.

I have been exchanging emails with 6 people. Here is my complaint:

1) According to their terms and conditions that by the way does not appear in their AD, I have 14 days to cancel. How can I cancel when I haven't tried the product, never mind received it? The offer is for a FREE TRIAL.

2) This terms and conditions were not up front or offered for perusal at time of order.

3) This terms and condtions sets up the customer for failure to comply because of delivery time that is unrealistic. I have printed the tracking report of Canada Post. Canada Post did not receive the product until June 7, 2016. I got it on June 30th.

4) Only now did I research reviews of the product. There are pages and pages of complaints of the same business practices of this company. Why hasn't any branch of government in Canada and the USA gone after this company?

I have a stream of e-mails answered by 6 different employees. Two employees have offered to refund me $40US and $50 US respectively.
Until today, July 11, I asked for $151.30US charged on May 27th, but after getting my June VISA statement whereby they charged me another $151.95 US on June 28, I want all of $303.25 US.

This company should be banned from doing business altogether. As a business they should strive to get a good name based on their product and its efficacy, but at the rate they're going, customers are turned off from the product and focus instead on their dishonesty and deceitful business practices.

P.S. I want to attach JPEG of shipping label, Canada Post tracking report, our e-mail exchanges, their guarantee of efficacy of their product, VISA statement for their charges, but these cannot be uploaded. What can I do?

Jul 11, 2016

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