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At 8:01 am every morning I receive a call from an electronic dialer. They are looking for someone named Roberta Smith. The recording tells me to hank up if I am not this person: So I hang up. Yet, I still receive the call daily.

One day I listen to the full recording to find out who is calling me and what they want. I get a phone # so that I can call them to ask them to stop calling me. After several attempts going through the auto electronic loop, I get through by answering yes to pay a bill.

I get a live voice on the other end and explain that I am not Roberta Smith. Then ask that they please remove my phone # from there list. The person tells me that it will be removed, but it takes a few days. I patiently ignore the 1st few more calls.

It is Two months later and every morning at 8:01 am I still get a call from the same electronic dialer.

I am not Roberta Smith, could TRS Recovery Services "PLEASE STOP CALLING ME?!!"

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  • Kc
      27th of Apr, 2014

    I too have been fighting the same battle for three years now. TRS and several other collection companies are calling for someone that use to have my phone number. The person who owes the debts falsely gives out his old phone number which is now mine. I have told them I do not know the person they are calling, and they need to remove my number, but they still call every day even on Sunday. If I could reach through the phone I would choke them. My number is unlisted under my name and on the do not call list, but it is still linked to this other person in older directories and in their debt information.

    The only thing I can do is change my number, and hope I don't get a previous used phone number. This sucks because I will have to call all my contacts, doctors, banks, the list goes on.
    Just because of some idiots..

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