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Tristar Vacuum / bad service

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I would have posted this on-line, but I don't know the company address or e-mail address. Please post this for me:

A month or so ago, I received a call from some woman asking me to complete a quick survey about indoor air quality - would I answer a few questions? Sure. However, as soon as she asked me what type of vacuum I had I told her I didn't need a vacuum and hung up. She called me back and said she wasn't trying to sell me a vacuum - it was just part of the survey.

This morning I got a call asking if a "demonstrator" could come out and give me a presentation of an "air purifier". I was pretty sure this was going to be a vacuum sales pitch, but I wasn't having a busy day and could use the diversion.

A while later I got a call from a Mr. Johnston confirming the demo. He told me the young man that would be doing the demo was doing his first with me - please go easy on him. Even though I had no intention of buying an "air purifier" I thought the practice would be good for the kid. Mr. Johnston told me when the demo was completed, I would be presented with a set of knives just for watching.

Two college-age kids showed up with a big box and a binder. One of them did the schpiel while the other on coached him along. To make a longer story shorter, they asked if my current vacuum could do as good a job, and quite frankly, yes, I believed it could. I have a Rainbow and I love it. I hauled it out and went over the same spot the Tristar had cleaned and, voila, dirt in my Rainbow. When all was said and done, I believe the results are about the same for both vacuums. Both do an excellent job.

We completed a brief "survey" then the one that did the demo got on the phone to his boss and the pressure tactics began. I guess Mr. Johnston finally realized that no means no and basically told me I would have to live with my dirt. I guess I will, Mr. Johnston. Then I told him I didn't think much of the companys' deceitful sales tactics starting with the so-called air quality survey, especially when I told her, back in the begining, I didn't want a new vacuum.

As the young men were packing up to leave, I asked them where my knife set was. Omygod and saucer-big eyes, they weren't given one to give to me. (Surely I can't be the only person who ever asked for one.) They said they would go into town (about 20 minutes away) and bring one out to me. That was about eight hours ago.

I just called Mr Johnston asking where my knife set was. What? They didn't give you one. They were supposed to. Do you want me to get them to bring it now? No, Mr. Johnston. It's 10:30 at night. They can come out tomorrow.

That is the end of part one. Part two is checking Tristar on the Internet and finding a similar story to mine - so their deceitful sales tactics must be somewhat common. I am so sick of organizations that think customers are idiots and now there is a place to vent our frustration for the rest of the world to see. Hopefully, with sites like this, ethics will return to corporate culture. Part three: I have Mr. Johnston's phone number. I WILL either get a knife set or he will have to get a new number.

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