[Resolved] TravelSmart VIPmembership

D Aug 29, 2018

We were sold Travelsmart membership for 15 years when we were vacationing in one of their all inclusive resorts. We were told the membership covers all costs in their resorts.
We tried to read and understand all details in the contract. However, they are scam artists and the contract is written to confuse you and cheat you. When we called them to book a vacation, we were surprised to find out the package only covers rooms, not food. They then charged $1000/person for 5 days for food in their resorts!
If you book same resort for 5days in the same room with all inclusive package, it would only cost $900/person. It is absolutely a rip off! When we tried to get our money back, they cancelled our membership and did not give our money back. We have never used their membership and service.
We are cheated out $10, 000 by those scammers! Don't let them cheat you!

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