Travelocity / gr solaris cancun & spa all inclusive

I purchased a vacation package to Cancun from Jun 20 2011 to Jun 27 2011 2 adult and 2 kids. from TAmpa to Cancum conection in Fort lauderdale (FLL)On the way to the Airport on Jun 20 my son 6 years old got sick an allergy reaction ( first time )when we arrive to the Cancun Airport he was vomiting and it was the first time he get an allergy reaction. When we arrive to the hotel in Cancun we ask to see a doctor becasue my son was complaining of stomache the doctor charged USD $150.00 for the visit we stay in the room all the time since he was feeling very bad. that Night @ 2 am my husband took him to the hospital and the did not anything it was a horrible night @ 9 AM on tuesday Jun 21 we was checking out the hotel we took the first flight to FLL from Cancun and @ 4 PM my son was in the emergency room in FLL we are from Tampa but he was so bad that we had to stay in FLL we stay at the hospital for 6 day he had Erythema Multiforme and now and trying to get a partil refund on the hotel charges we only stay one day and they are charging 7 nights. I have documentation of everything. I paid almost $400.00 USd to change the flight to come earlier.


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