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RE: Refund Request due to Travel Issue
I've been dealing with this airlines since 2007. And no real response. I am due a refund and they will not give it to me. I've submitted the tickets and all the evidence and I can't get any response. I was told to contact AirTrans. It's just a vicious circle. Help.

Dear Paulette,

We are in receipt of the email below in the Travelocity Customer Relations Department and require
additional information in order to research your concerns. Please forward the following information and/or documentation:

* Include your Activity Code: 3-[protected], detailed letter and your Trip ID [protected] to further assist.

* Copy of the physical credit card statement showing concerned charges.

* The new and old tickets.

* Any other supporting document you would wish to submit.

You may forward the aforementioned items either by email, mail or fax to the following:

Travelocity Consumer Relations
11603 Crosswinds Way
Suite 125
San Antonio, Texas 78233
Fax ? [protected]

Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If we do not receive any correspondence from you, we will assume you do not require our assistance
and will close our file. Thank you for allowing Travelocity to assist you during this difficult

Anthony R.
Travelocity Consumer Relations

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  • Mi
      Aug 14, 2010

    to whom it may concern when my fried was flying no one told us that we need a visa to fly to poland and they made me buy another ticket my conformation # is [protected] my friends grandfather died and travelocity gave me a hard time and your service is very bad and most of the people answering the phone cant speak english this is the first time used travlocity to fly out of country and very last ok for domestic flights as long as you dont half to speak to a resprenstive. I would appricate my 1289.00 us dollars return to my account any question email me at [protected]

    yours truly michael guerra

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  • Da
      Dec 20, 2010

    I booked a trip with Travelocity to fayettteville north Carolina. Trip Id # [protected]. The trip down was fine, the hotel; Regency Inn Fayetteville was a disaster. Bullet holes in the windows, gun shots in the parking lot, drug activity in plain sight, very unsafe conditions. I booked on my own at another hotel. I would like the first hotel taken off my credit card. The flight home was cancelled because they couldn't get deiced with in an hour and a half. Instead of a direct flight like I paid for from Charlotte to Portland Maine I was rerouted to Philadelphia and delayed for 7 hours. I contacted Travilocity with my concerns and requesting help and got the response that they can't help me. I felt stranded and really let down as I've done alot of bussiness with this company. I also purchased the insurance that is also no good.

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  • Tr
      Feb 21, 2011

    TRIP ID [protected] ROYAL SOLARIS ALL INCLUSIVE CANCUN, MEXICO 1Was Told Didnot have room service 2no breakfast out side by water 3My flight home left cancun 25 minutes late by the time we got to our connecting flight for Noth Carolina all ready left . Had to wait 8 hours in airport for next flight . Didnot get home till 2am .MY wife had to lose 1day of work and I LOST 1 day of work I Think there should be some refund forsome of this David Faucher phone [protected] or [protected]

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  • De
      Feb 28, 2011

    My first and last experience with travelocity was a night mare. Not only did they cancel my last minute trip to my neices funerel but they took my money and told me it could not be refunded untill 24 to 48 hours later so I was unable to rebook the flight at all. I was on the phone for hours with supervisor after supervisor which made no difference at all. The customer servive reps. are trained to tell you there sorry and theres nothing they can do and that really sad because they all sounde like a bunch of robots. Mean while my 7 month old neice has been murdered and Im greiving and on the phone for hour pleading for another flight or at least my money back so that I can book another flight. All i get is Im sorry but theres nothing I can do. For what ever reason my flight was cancelld by travelocity I really dont understand but my Lawyer will be contacting them and it does not end here. Its really sad the compasion shown by travelocity. If it wasnt for us there would be no travelocity...trip id #[protected]

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  • Ka
      Jul 09, 2012

    My husband and I are both 22 and this past weekend on a spurr of the moment decision decided to go visit myrtle beach. we normally are there every other weekend in the summer and we are vacation junkies anytime we get a chance, but we just take short trips because of work. We booked through travelocity because we normally camp in ocean lakes but just had a baby 3 weeks ago and wanted to stay somewhere a little more roomy this time, but we wanted to go so our 2 year old could have a good time and run off some energy. I booked the trip thursday morning, july 5th, for the next day july 6th through 8th. and you cant check into the hotel until 3 when you got there on the 6th. When i was online trying the purchase the room, when it was processing our card it just stayed on that page for 2 hours and never went through. So I closed the page and called travelocity to see if it went through and wanted to see if it had booked the room and charged us, or not. The agent said no, that they didn't have us in their system and the card didnt go through but i could book the room through him. I told him that was fine as long as he was sure it didnt go through since this is a busy week for us with bills. and he said he was positive it hadn't run the car. So i booked the room through him, got my email comfirmation and everything and that was that. As we were getting ready to leave friday morning I got online to pay a few bills before we left and saw that they had infact charged us twice for our stay. So I called immediately and explained to the lady what happened. She told me that the agent had tried to process our card the first time and he thought it didnt go through so he did it again, but that he had already seen the mistake and the money was refunded and would show up back in the account in 48 hours. So at this time i was aggravated that we couldnt pay the bills before we left since they were due, but i knew that just a few days late wouldnt hurt anything, so we packed and headed to the beach. We got to the hotel and I went and checked in. When I was getting our room they said that they had us down for two rooms. I told them no that we were only supposed to have one. So the lady at the desk told me to contact travelocity and they should get everything straightened out without any problems. So I called.. AGAIN, and the guy that answered this time looked up our information and said we only had one room and that it had that we were only charged once so that our money should already be pending to be put back in our account but if it wasnt there after the 48hours to call back, but that travelocity was only going to be charging us that one time so it was okay. So the next day, after the 48hours was up, I called because our money STILL was not in our account. at this point im pretty pissed because the WHOLE ENTIRE TRIP I'M ON THE PHONE! this is yet again a new lady. I explain to her everything like i did all the other people and she looks up our stuff and says that we have two hotel rooms. I told her no, that we only were supposed to have one like i said all along. She said that we booked online and then an agent booked us. So i told her the only reason i even called the agent was to see if when i booked online IF it went through since their site cut off on me in the middle of the processing of our card. And the guy told me it hadn't so he booked me the trip. I told her i saw the charge before we left and called and that i had been calling ever since but all the people at travelocity told me it had been fixed. So she then tells me there is nothing she can do and pretty much it sounded like we were being screwed out of our money for going through a supposed to be reputable company. It is now monday and i just talked to yet another person and he says we should get our money back but he doesn't know when. Me and my husband are 22 and have a newborn and a 2 year old. We do not have money like that to just throw away. So now we are having to borrow money for our bills, since we were told everyday we were on vacation that it would be in the bank by the time we got back, we splurged on our girls and had fun while at the beach. because we knew once we got our money back we would have enough for our bills and still extra. NOW WE HAVE TO BORROW MONEY TO PAY OUR BILLS FOR THE WEEK! I'm pissed. it is so embarrasing when we are so good with our money to be as young as we are. We have never had to borrow money in the past 3 years we have been married and living together. But travelocity better have our money in there soon because this is crazy and the longer it takes the more aggravated I am getting.

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  • Ro
      May 28, 2013

    on may 12 th i had a hotel reservation at the diamond center hotel in Anchorage, AK . I had flight delayed that caused me to be a day late . So i called the hotel and cancelled my reservation . i never stayed at the hotel . I was still charged for the room I would like a refund for this transaction . this my reservation # [protected] my name is Ronald Thacker thank you .you can email me at ronald.[protected]

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