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We had arrangement with Travelocity for a trip to Nassau, Bahamas. Our flight should been on Tuesday, 2nd October 2007, 6am with Delta Airlines. The problem is that nobody from agency has let us know that we need visa to get to Bahamas so we couldn't get in to the plain without that.

When we called the agency to ask for our money back they offered us only half of amount of money back that we payed for this trip. The main problem is that they don't want to refund us the money for our airplane tickets and we talked to Delta Airlines and they told us that is the responsibility of the agency to refund us money back for the tickets.

When we spoke to TraveloCity they have just keep saying they don't want to refund us that money. We even tried to postpone our flight for a next day because in that time we could get visa, but agency wanted that we pay additional 700 dollars just for airplane tickets.

Can you please help us with this problem because TraveloCity practically stoled 666$ dollars from us which is amount that they should refund us for airplane tickets.


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      Jun 29, 2009

    I made a hotel reservation through Travelocity on June 23. I had a long flight and needed to rest before my business meeting the next morning.

    I walked into the hotel around 9pm. The clerk told me that they have no record of my reservation and are full tonight. I showed him the proof of my reservation through travelocity but that didn't make any difference, no record of my reservation meant they didn't hold a room for me.

    I had to drive around and look for a room. I found one and had to pay almost twice as much.

    The next day I called Travelocity and requested a refund plus a reimbursement of the difference I had to pay to another hotel. They refused. They also said it will take up to 30 days to credit me back!

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      Jun 29, 2009


    suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

    see other travelocity complaints

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      Jul 15, 2009

    I think travelocity is not completely to blame here as they do list on their website information for a company called TRAVISA which if gone to you could have seen that you would hav eneeded a passport. Also one would think that someone traveling to another country woudl check on things like this. I can only hope that in the future you will be more ready to check for some travel related information before actually deciding to jump right into a international trip.

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