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I had Travelers car insurance full coverage policy with all the appropriate riders for about ten years. In 2012 a lady rearended me. It caused a neck injury which ultimately needed surgery. The lady was at fault and received a ticket for the accident while I went to the hospital. Her insurance carrier was State Farm. They paid her full policy limit to me for the injuries received in a timely fashion and have been very helpful. On the other hand, my insurance company Travelers has not paid a dime, not even fees for a rental car. Nothing. So I have had to get a lawyer to file the liability suit to try and get my expenses paid. They notified my lawyer that we would need to have an arbitration hearing to come up with an agreeable settlement. They offered $7, 500 which was an insult since I had at least $90, 000 in medical fees and 6 months of lost wages incured. Since they would not offer anymore money we decided to take the case to court. This is not why I am writing this complaint, this is the kicker. Since we have moved to sue them for damages (the lady would be the defendant) MY OWN insurance company TRAVELERS has decided to defend HER. Yes you read that right. My OWN insurance company is representing the lady that hit me and caused my injuries against ME!!! This is to keep them from having to pay on my policy. This seems illegal to me (my lawyer says no but we cannot mention that they are representing her in court) and very unethical if nothing else. I find it hard to believe that we allow laws like these to be implemented without our knoledge or consent. If this is not a conflict of interest I don't know what is. So I changed my insurance carrier to State Farm on 6/20/2013. I have just received a collections bill for non-payment of my insurnce policy to Travelers on 12/20/2014 and have had this lodged on my credit sinking my rating. State Farm has the notifications and e-mails but they are refusing to remove this debt while ruining my credit. So as I wait to get my case to court it seems the docket is so crowded that we might have to wait another 3-4 months to even get it heard.

Dec 24, 2014
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      Oct 13, 2008
    travelers insurance - payment
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    i would like to take back my previous complaint about this company. They were low balling the offer for payment in the beginning, but after 2 weeks and some argueing, they saw the light.

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