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I was sold a ticket by an agent called sean. He didnt tell me the terms before selling. and emailed some terms to me with my e ticket after i paid. He knew i didnt have a visa for my trip and would have to postpone if the visa took long. when i called to ask for price i made it clear i wasnt sure of a date. and that i may have to change the date of the ticket depending on when i got the visa. When he sold me the ticket he didnt tell this would cost me a £100 (not in terms) if i needed tochange the date.i had to postpone the chosen date several times, when the visa was difficult i tried to cancell. he said it would cost me £100. and encouraged me to postpone again. when i decided i would wait for the visa and cancell, and i agreed to pay the fine, he said i changed the date three times so its £300. He then encouraged me to pay the full fare for the ticket to be booked as it lasts a year. So i had the peace of mind that it was valid for a year. When i had to postpone again he asked me for £350. I said why didnt he advise me? he said i didnt ask. (not in terms as well) So i paid. When i had to postpone again, he told me it costs £350 everytime i postponed (not in terms) I called to cancell the ticket because it was a bad mistake to start with, no visa, he said ill loose all of the money i paid £1200. And hung up the phone.

Mar 12, 2013

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