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TracFone Wireless / unethical behavior

1 United States

On November 28, 2018, Tracfone send an email asking me to take advantage of a $15 Off Promo, Code No. 97162 by reactivating back my Mobile Phone [protected] which was out of service since June 2018 as shown on the Tracfone's email. The end period of the promo period is 12/19/2018.
On early December 2018, I decided to grab the offer thru the Tracfone website, however, the online system won't allow me to continue after entering the phone number for reason unknown. Several attempts to log in to my Tracfone account have failed, though despite having provided all the info necessary for resetting a password, yet no link was sent that should complete the process.
After several attempts, the reactivation of my mobile service was somehow completed by telephoning [protected] thru an automated process and the payment of which was done by Credit Visa Card. What is appalling, however, the Plan of $25.00 a month (Refill) was never credited to my device [protected], and therefore the outgoing and incoming calls cannot get through which I find it very disgusting, pestering, and annoying.
Have called the attention of the Tracfone customer service on many instances' day and night but proved in vain. The customer service staff seem not to know their function(s) to resolve the problem and only to find out later that mobile number [protected] had already been assigned to another person as declared by the so-called higher department of the company.
On December 7, 2018, I demanded a refund of the payment I made and was directed to a lady who claimed to be a department manager. I reiterated the circumstances about what happened and asked her to confirm the payment I made earlier for a $25 a month service plan of which she readily affirmed it appeared in their system based from the financial information I provided her for confirmation purposes. What is more appalling is the fact that she had launched at that time an automated collection of $25.61 using my credit card information without my knowledge which I discovered only on December 10, 2018. All these communication exchanges can be traced on the Tracfone's system, prerecorded conversation.
Having noted later from Tracfone's customer technical support (from the so-called higher department level) that mobile phone [protected] is now assigned and owned by another subscriber, and whereby I was asked to contact the LPD Dept. to provide my MEID Serial number and explain the circumstances behind because of an issue of fraud violation committed. The big questions are:
1. Who committed the fraud?
2. Why Tracfone customer service have not known of the new owner of [protected] and a new mobile number [protected] was assigned as a replacement, but later canceled and reverted to [protected]?
3. Why the Tracfone email of 11/28/2018 indicated that [protected] is active and still available for my reactivation, and therefore, no person actually owns this number.
4. Why did the lady department manager affirm on 12/07/2018 phone call that a payment for the $25.00 a month service plan was indeed made on 12/04/2018 and yet without my prior consent had launched an automated collection from my Visa Credit Card amounting to $25.61?
The foregoing questions warrant a detail explanation from Tracfone.

Dec 12, 2018

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