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A refill minutes card was purchased at Walmart at the end of March and successfully entered into my phone reactivating it. I paid cash for the card so I discarded my receipt since it was entered, accepted and reactivated. My phone is only used sparingly for emergencies, thus did not realize time was up.
So to avoid a future lapse in service it was noted on my kitchen calendar to buy another card the end of June. Imagine my surprise yesterday, May 16 upon trying to place a call to be informed the phone needed to be reactivated and to enter a charge number. I knew my phone was good until the end of June. That it had to be some kind of mistake. A friend suggested calling customer service and they would straighten it out. What a joke that was! They insisted my last card purchase was in January and thus ended in April. In reality my December card was up in March and then my new card was purchased at the end of March! Tracfone questioned did I know the date and was the card purchased at some store? Apparently Tracfone frowns on buying your card at Walmart. I worked in management for 20 years and was not only most disappointed but quite upset after speaking with customer service. I may be a senior citizen but I'm not senile. I know I purchased my card after my husbands and he is still using his with no problem. I had 3000 minutes
left unused and still had 6 weeks of time. I do NOT appreciate being ripped off or
taken advantage of!! What kind of games are they now playing at Tracfone or do they want to steal my unused minutes. My husband said the phone must be broke get a new one I bought your card after mine it has to be broke. The phone is not broke but the company is trying to cheat me out of my time and minutes. I continue to teach 3 days a week and evenings at the ballroom. I most definitely will inform all my students at the 5 seniors centers and 2 ballrooms to be forwarned if you purchase your minutes at a store to save your receipt with the date and card number to avoid being cheated at Tracfone. It is the PRINCIPLE I paid for the time and minutes and do not want to be scammed by Tracfone.

May 17, 2018
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      Jun 01, 2018

    I had a refurbished smartphone they sent me after my flip phone went bad. I didn't want a smartphone because my phone is used for emergencies and happenstance calls. However that's what they sent me, so that's what I used. Well, it went bad after a few months, so instead of asking them to replace it, I bought a new flip phone. I called to transfer my minutes and the lady informed me that because I was downgrading from a smartphone to a flip phone I would lose a bunch of minutes. I had 1559 miutes, they only let me keep 628 minutes! They made me do a downgrade when they were the ones that sent me a smartphone in the first place. They should have sent me a flip phone. They stole 931 minutes from me for something THEY did!!

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