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Tracfone Wireless, Inc. / buyer beware of tracfone!

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In September, when I tried to add minutes to my phone, I was notified that the service in my area was changing and that they would send me a replacement phone that I needed to activate by October 1st. I received the phone with a sims card. Around the end of September, I contact the company to activate my phone and transfer my minutes and phone number and could not get the sims card to work. The message said insert Sims card, even though I had it inserted correctly. I contacted tracfone and they said they would send me a new sims card. It would take 3-5 days. Approximately 2-3 days later, I received a 2nd sims card. I inserted the 2nd sims card as instructed and received the same message as before. I again called tracfone and once again tried to activate my phone and transfer my minutes and phone number. The reply was that they will send me yet another sims card that will work in the zip code that I provided to them. Upon the 3rd sims card received, I finally got the phone to at least turn on. When I called again to have my phone number and remaining minutes transferred, I was told that the phone that I received with a sims card does not work in my area and they would send me a new phone without a sims card that would work in my area. (By now, they have deactivated my old phone-the one that I have had for several years up to this point, so I have no phone service what so ever). The 2nd replacement phone was received within 2 days. When I received it, I was surprised to see that it was the same exact phone WITH a sims card as the first replacement phone that I received. Okay, at this point, I figured I have nothing to lose and call AGAIN-This is November 3rd, talked to a supervisor, again to transfer my minutes and phone number. After spending another hour and 1/2 on the phone trying to get one of the replacement phones to work was unsuccessful. I did request that I should get additional minutes of at least 500 for the inconvenience, since I knew someone in the area that received 200 additional minutes for the inconvenience of changing their phone number for free. She said she would only be able to transfer my existing minutes. However, at the end of our hour and half pointless conversation, I was assigned a 3rd case number at this point and another sims card would arrive in 3-5 days. I expressed how urgent it was since I've been without a tracfone now for 2 weeks. And since the 2nd replacement phone arrived in two days, why couldn't they express mail the sims card. She repeated that it would be 3-5 days. This whole conversation was pointless by the time I hung up. Wednesday, November 7, would have been 3 days. I called tracfone again to get an update on my case number and was told it was not activated or my name and address wasn't given to the appropriate department so they could mail out the sims card. At this point, (remember, this all started back in September) I asked for a name of a person that I could officially lodge a complaint and send something in writing to and was informed repeatedly that they could not give out that information. I did get an address to send complaints to. It is the Executive Resolutions Dept, 9700 NW 112 Avenue, Miami, FL 33178. I don't know what good will come of this, and I'm still waiting for a sims card to be sent and have been assigned yet a 4th case number. This is why I'm posting this message and plan on writing to the company and to the Better Business Bureau. I understand that some of the people only work there, but did advise them that they should search the internet as I did and review all the complaints about their company. It's not looking good out there for tracfone at this point. There is too much competition and if they don't take care of their customers, I'm sure there will be another company that will be happy to make accommodations for tracfone's former customers, which I plan on doing shortly if I don't have a working phone by Friday. The stress and being without a cell phone is very frustrating. Tracfone needs to get their act together or they are going to lose alot of customers. I'm not sure how much good it's going to get me as I've seen other complaints that get little or no response and if so, it's the same old story, but I'm sending a copy of this complaint to the Better Business Bureau and posting it on any other complaint sight that I can find for tracfone. And in the end, Buyer Beware of Tracfone.

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  • Ah
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    The Tracfone company has not been able to get the new phone operational. They have been trying since Aug 24, 2009. The said I have to make a purchase or lose my number, which I did, but they never delivered the product since they could not get the phone to be operational.

    The company has not been able to get the new phone operational. They have been trying since Aug 24, 2009. The said I have to make this purchase or lose my number, which I did, but they never delivered the product since they could not get the phone to be operational.
    I have called them several times about issuing a credit to my account, which has not been done at this time

  • Je
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    TracFone Wireless, Inc. - Customer service issue
    Tracfone Wireless, Inc.
    United States

    My daughter bought a new phone from the tracfone website and it did not work. She has been a Tracfone customer for many years and wished to stay with Tracfone. She called customer support and after 3 hours of trying to fix her phone, they agreed to send a new phone. The phone arrived but it was a different model and it was reconditioned. She asked me to call and I was on the phone for almost 2 hours and the same thing occurred. I was assured they would send the right phone but they sent another wrong model and reconditioned phone. Now she wants a refund and customer support says she needs to pay the shipping for the original phone and the two replacement phones. I spent over an hour the day before Christmas and the day after Christmas telling customer support that they needed to send a prepaid envelope or shipping label but they say that goes against policy.

    I am an assistant superintendent of a public school in PA and we deal with policy all of the time but we also believe in people over policy. We were in the process of ordering 50 prepaid phones but I am stopping that order to Tracfone due to the customer service I have witnessed. For $5-$10 I am holding $90 retail dollars of your merchandise and you are losing 50 new plans and phone sales. Tracfone's customer support people can't make leadership decisions and thier policies are flawed.

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