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I am thoroughly disgusted with this phone and the help I have received with it. I ordered it through QVC and received it the end of Dec. or first of Jan. 2017, But I had to wait for my minutes to expire on my straight talk phone in Feb. I activated it Feb. 12, 2017. the text message has never worked on it. I have called at least 5 times to get help. once they tried to say it was my fault! Not likely since it never worked from day one. another time he assured me after 25 min. of going back and forth, if I turn it off for 10 minutes and back on it would work. NEGATIVE!!! Every time you have to deal with someone: WHY? #1 you can hardly understand them #2 if you ask for a supervisor they put you on hold for 30 min. so you 'll get even more mad and hang up! #3 why do they keep putting you on hold several times when they are supposedly helping you and never do? #4 when I ask for a supervisor, I am the customer and I don't expect her to argue with me and tell me she's trained and I don't need one. when a customer ask for a supervisor you give them one. If she was so good she would have fixed my problem. My g-mail has quit twice and is presently not working again since March 5, this is aggravating for a new phone. Finally the last woman I talked to said " It's our policy you cant have a new phone. " I told her after all of this trouble you will give me a new phone or my money back on 3/4/17. So she wrote a ticket for a new phone, said I would get it in 7-10 days. On 3/8/17 I got a box for the bad phone, why wasn't the new phone in it too? SO I called AGAIN. now they say I won't get it until the 18th. this is totally ridiculous! To put a customer through this is uncalled for. my phone came with 1350 min/text/data. I have used most of it on you trying to get a piece of junk replaced. You will have to call me because the text doesn't work and neither does my g-mail. I hope you give your employees a course in how to talk to their customers better and quit putting us on hold so many times when we need help. I live alone and it is important that I have a phone plus I'm not in good health. I hope to receive a new perfect phone with the 1350 mins/text/data like I ordered really soon.

Mar 10, 2017

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