TracFone / the whole system of customer service

it took 3 hours to fix Tracphone's error to set it up so I could purchase minutes from my phone. Finally achieved that and got 2 calls back telling me they hoped my issue was resolved, which deducted minutes I had purchased for MY use. I also provided feedback on my time consuming frustrating experience, and got 2 calls, also deducting my minutes. I went back on their sight, and told them to quit calling me and reinstate my minutes. The person told me they would fix it. The result was 2 more calls deducting minutes and no resolution. SO today I tried again, through the chat window, and was told the only way to fix it was to call them using my minutes...seriously? They have a system set up to use your customers minutes, and then we have to purchase more because they wasted our minutes, and then to resolve it we have to take even more minutes and our personal time??? BIG SCAM

Apr 07, 2016

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