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I have been a tracfone customer for years. Calling customer service is never a joy (Language differences) but this christmas has been especially painful.
Christmas eve I got an android phone with a 400 built in minutes from hsn. I tried to move my number from a non android phone and couldn't so I called customer service. I was told by glenn (Who do you think you're fooling with these names?) what my problem was and he said you couldn't keep the same phone number but he would manually transfer my minutes (At that time over 400) and my days 790+. He said if I hung up it would automatically be fixed. It wasn't. All that happened is that neither phone worked. Great

I didn't want to call you back on christmas day so I started about noon today from my mothers house. You see, I am on a fixed income and I don't have the minutes to spare. I called, stayed on the phone with "leon" for over an hour when he gave me to his supervisor "ann". She told me I couldn't move my contacts (I did with bluetooth) but she would move my minutes/days since they were still on my old phone. I asked if I could keep the same phone number and she was working on it. Next thing I know my phone goes dead. 77 minutes for nothing. I called back, told the girl what happened. She said she could transfer me but instead put me in the que I was in initially so I got to wait another 20 minutes for a call back. I got to speak with another girl who said she knew leon and would transfer me then hung up on me. I give up. I now have a phone with a new phone number (Because I finally used some notes * found and activated my phone. I spent 2 hours and talked to 5 people and got absolutely nothing accomplished. My old phone number was [protected]. My new number is [protected]. If there is and english speaking technician, I would love it if someone would get my old minutes and days added to my phone. I would also like my old number back.

I wish you cared more for your customers. This has been a nightmare.

Jennifer davis

Dec 26, 2014

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