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Tracphone sent me two new sim cards because their reps couldn't figure out how to transfer my current number. Everytime they sent a new sim card it had a different phone # not the number I was transferring. They do not even know how their system works!

I will throw phone away once these minutes are gone ( that is if I can even make a call) Do not do business with this company!
Walmart is partially to blame for allowing these types of unqualified vendor's in their stores.

Mar 16, 2014
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      30th of Dec, 2014

    Love their phones, hate their customer service. I had an Alcatel "Big Easy" flip phone that I really like. It has over sized number pad, a decent camera, plays mp3's, and it has an FM radio I used to listen to when I walked laps at the Y. The camera stopped working after 7 months and since it was under warranty I called Tracfone. I talked to two different techs. During the process they had me reset the phone and I lost all of my contacts. Then they decided to replace the phone. They sent me 5 different phones, all the wrong model, before they finally told me they are out of my phone. Each time I got the wrong phone, I called customer service and like everyone else had to repeat the same information again, 5 times! I finally decided "screw it", mailed their phones back to them, and since my phone now costs twice what I paid for it 7 months ago, it was cheaper to buy their entry level smart phone. Old phone costs $40 now, new phone was $14.95 on Amazon.

    Now I'm back in "Tracfone Customer Service Hell" again waiting for my 1099 minutes to transfer from my original Tracfone to my new one. It's been 4 days so far and three calls to customer service - and yes, every time I call it's like I never called before. Same information is collected. How hard would it be for them to centralize their data bank with customer information, so their lackies in Belize, the Phillipines, or the North Pole can access it?

    Things that annoy me about Tracfone customer service:

    1) Voice maize you have to navigate to get to a human being. ( Hint: When you get to the point where they're asking for your phone number keep repeating: AGENT until the autobot says "I'll connect you to a representative")
    2) People with heavy accents I can't understand.
    3) The customer service agents have a script. I don't need for them to tell me every 5 seconds what they're doing over and over again.
    4) They out and out lie to you. "It vill be vorking in 2 hours, I promise you."
    5) Noisy call center in background. It's hard enough to understand these 3rd world idiots, but sometimes you connect and you can hear loud chatter in the background and barely hear the person you're talking to.
    6) No one notifies you that they no longer have your phone. They just keep sending the wrong one to you hoping you'll accept it.

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