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After 4 years with Tracfone I can tell you not to waste your time. I have a yearly contract and have had to replace my phone. I need to keep my phone number and have been getting the run around for almost 2 weeks now. Customer service is horrendous and there is no other option but to call the same 800 number and go through the song and dance. I plan on using up my contract minutes and dumping the whole thing---if I ever get the thing activated. I too plan to tell everyone I can NOT to deal with Tracfone. It just isn't worth the aggravation of dealing with customer service.

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  • Fl
      Feb 19, 2009

    I am having the same problem with Tracfone. I needed to get a new phone and wanted to keep my same number. First, they sent a phone with a defective SIM card; then, when they sent a new SIM card out, the phone refused to re-activate. Attempting to re-activate the phone, they switched my phone number without telling me. After two hours of the usual sing-song runaround from Customer Service, I am no further than I was. In fact, I'm further behind, because at the moment the phone won't work at all. I have to take a group of students out of town two days from now, and they all have -- well, what used to be my cell phone number. What a mess!!

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  • Do
      Jul 31, 2018

    I received my replacement phone, and they tracfon e people never told me that I would lose all my contacts, minutes, and phone number, and my pictures!I talked to as guy here and he said I lost it all and would never get it back! Well now I have tried to activate, and get a new phone number.I'm Not Sure where to take this mess but I got to have help somewhere!I'm a Senior Citizen a didn't deserve this!

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  • Do
      Jul 31, 2018

    @Donna R DeSain I just want to activate my phone with a phone number and get my minutes back!

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  • Ma
      Nov 14, 2018

    TracFone sent Me a new SIM card, but, it sent me to Verizon, I don't use Verizon, I use COMCAST, now I cant make a Phone call, I am a Senior Citizen, I don't need this aggravation, PLEASE HELP

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