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I purchased a tracfone on 12/24 and activated it the same day. I could not receive calls from anyone. Got a message saying number was invalid or a busy signal. Called customer service 8 times to try to resolve this over 5 days. Nothing. Customer service is horrible. They basically do nothing and keep you on the phone (I was on the phone with them for a total of 4 hours) until you hang up in frustration or they disconnect you (This happened to me without warning when I wasn't even speaking to the rep). They say one thing and then come back on the the line and tell you something totally different. Reps forgot what the problem was (I can't receive calls) and they would tell me (After a half hour) that my problem was fixed and now I could make calls (Which I could do all along)
I thought it was just a lemon or something and as I needed a call phone while traveling I bought another later the same day (24th) and it was a different model from a totally different store and this phone has the same problem!! Tracfone will do nothing!!! They said they don't know what is wrong and if it lasts more than 48 hours maybe they can do a refund (Its been over 72 hours! And they say they can't do anything. Don't ever buy a tracfone. Their customer service is overseas and they have no idea what they are doing (Probably intentionally) so no one can assist you when there are problems.

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  • Ba
      Mar 07, 2018

    I purchased a Tracfone on Friday Feb. 23 from Walmart . I can receive calls but from a select few callers. I don't understand this. All call attempts are local. Thought maybe I had disabled a feature accidentally. Still trying to resolve this issue.

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