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Well where do I start? I bought a tracfone motorola 260g. I activated it and used it for a couple of weeks. I decided to upgrade to an LG600. When I transferred my minuted to the lg, everything ok until I tried to make a call. I got a message that the service I was attempting to use was restricted. I called tracfone and throught the accents and lack of technological knowledge, the finally said the lg was defective. So they said they would replace it. Great...they sent my new phone to San Diego, I live in Indiana!!! When I called them they said another one would me sent. Well when I got that, it was a motorola 370 not an lg600. So I called to complain. I don't think they new what to do. After trying to explain that it was the wrong phone...they even tried to tell me they didn't have the ticket number they assigned me. Anyway after numourous time being put on hold, I swear, they hung up on me. So responded with a not so polite email to them. Remember the motorola 260 I started with, well that was deactivated when I transfered minutes to the lg.It still works!!! What idiots!! The lg shows minutes and service time but I still can't make a call. I'm trying to get them to deactivate it. Then I'll get it unlocked and use another service. *** Tracfone!!!

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  • Ka
      Oct 23, 2009

    Thats not all they do, all these calls i get sometimes 6to8 times a day from scammers . Tracfone sells numbers to scammers . I have one tracfone i never give number to anyone but close family and still get scammers on it . I will be free of them soon ! By the time the scammers run my minutes out ! lol

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