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St Louis Park Minnesota, US

I had my 4Runner oil changed and I was told that all fluids are going to be checked. When my vehicle was completed, they attempted to sell me repairs to my vehicle due to a leaking rear seal. ( has been leaking for awhile). I took my vehicle home and got a 'second opinion' about the rear seal repair and was asked how low the differential fluid is/was. Since I didn't know, I got under my truck and tried to remove the bolt on the read diff to check 'how much was in there'. The bolt was impossible for me to get off, so I called the dealership and asked if the fluid was checked or topped off. The service writer didn't know, so he paged the tech and the tech said no, it wasn't checked, and to bring it back in.
Upon bringing it right back, I was met by John Kendall, who basically told me that topping off the fluid wasn't going to fix the leaking rear seal, and that my truck was dangerous to drive in the current condition. I asked him to explain. He said that my "brakes would not be reliable in traffic due to the diff fluid leaking all over the rear brakes", and that I should not take my truck to Chicago in that condition and if I did, I would need to stay back from other vehicles!
My diff fluid was topped off, and then I was told that diff fluid is not part of the regular oil change fluid checks. Except the sign says (said) ALL fluids are checked...Period.
This whole story is just getting started.

Upon (safely driving to and) from Chicago, I investigated the proposed repairs and found RL Toyota pricing out of line with the competition, so I had a conversation with Kong Yang and we agreed on a price to fix my rear seal, and the PARKING BRAKE. NOT my brakes that are used for stopping my vehicle. I explained to Kong at that point that I didn't appreciate John's attempt to scare me into the proposed repair. Not cool.
In attempt to save face, a price was agreee upon and Kong out his best technician on it. Roman...Roman was advised onnehat needed to be done and that this repair had a sensitive nature to it, due to what has transpired.
This story, still just getting started.

I had the repair fixed, opted out of a courtesy rental, and was told my car would be driven 20 mikes to ensure it was done properly. I live nearby, and watched Roman drive it down the south service road, down 394, and back to the dealership. 4 miles maximum.

I was called to pick up my vehicle, which I did. I paid in full for it, took it home, picked up my dog and when to get gas. I drive about 10 miles, and upon returning down my street I smelled something that I recall from my dads car once...the smell of SEIZED brakes!

I pulled in my driveway, put my do away, came hot and visually saw the red hot right rear rotor...

Angry? You're dang right.

I drove right back to the dealership, much to their surprise. I explained what I experienced. I was told it was probably just the diff fluid burning off of the back wheel and that the technician said he cleaned the area real well.

I asked that they call the technician out.

Roman came out and the service writer told him what I said. Roman, then looked at me and said "oh no, I couldn't find my vise grips..."

He crawled under my vehicle and retrieved them from the right brake line. Mind you, these were already brand new brakes!

I was asked to leave it and that it would be repaired, etc

I was stuck, so I left it.

Needless to say, I was basically told in the first place that Kong wasn't sure he had anybody on his staff that could perform the rear seal repair. But following my oil change, .the service writer spent 45 minutes telling me what I really needed to do, as well as John Kendall trying to FEAR me into the repair. And, he really should have known better.

Anyways, I walked back home, for the third time, and waited until morning when I received a call from Kong.

He, said he "didn't know what to say" besides he would ensure that it gets fixed and that of all people's cars, it had to be this one.

I forget how many days later it was, but I went to pick up my vehicle. I gathered the paperwork from the gal service writer and walked to my find that my gas door was broken off the hinge. No, I'm not kidding. I immediately took a picture of it and since Kong was out of the dealership, I immediately emailed him a picture of my finding.

This story, still just getting started.

Along the way, there had a been a few emails between Mark Beithon and myself. In his defense, maybe he didn't have all the information he needed, but NEVER have I been tested so poorly by someone of his stature/position. Monte Bion would never have told me that "maybe you just have bad luck Nancy". Or, "you should probably take your car somewhere else from now on since we don't have anybody that can perform the quality of work that you are looking for".

On top of my confidence in the safety of my vehicle, that I take really good care of, I get treated by your GM like I somehow had something to do with this whole messed up situation.

I am certain that I have skimmed over a thing or ten, but this is it in a nutshell.

I, cannot be the only person that is NOT getting their vehicle repaired properly, honestly, and without fear tactics.

I have been a customer there since 1983. Never, ever have I been treated with such ill regard and I have been so tempted to go in there and advocate for others getting their vehicles serviced, just to keep everybody honest. Or try to.

I'm not sure if it's all profit driven. But, since Monte left, my troubles have started and continued...

I expect to hear from someone from the Chicago Regional office regarding this whole scenario.

The repair, was a measure of good faith. One last chance to get it right and keep me as a long time customer.

Ha. You decide.

Apr 02, 2017

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