Toyotanavigation 2013 avalon limited

In August 2016 we moved to Searcy, Arkansas and purchased a house that was built in 2008. When we tried to find this house on the 2013 navigation system, not only was the house not on the map, but the street is not on the map. This leads me to believe that the navigation maps were out of date by at least 5 years when I purchased this Avalon new in 2013. NOT GOOD! I contacted Toyota USA and was given a case #[protected]. The rep told me to contact the local dealer (Orr Toyota) to get the update.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Searcy, AR I contacted them and was told no update was available but they would order one. They have ordered several wrong ones and I was told the correct one is not available but it is on order IF/WHEN it becomes available. This is very frustrating since I retired last year and had plans to travel using this car and navigation system. I must use my phone to navigate much of the time when in areas built since the mid 2000's. Why is no update available for this system? I have owned 2 Avalon's an 2 Tundra's, but this really turns me off to buying another one.

Feb 03, 2017

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