Toyotaemployee at yamunanagar branch; employee's behaviour

This is to bring to your notice the irrational behaviour of your employee MR. PANKAJ, a member of your GLOBE TOYOTA SHOWROOM at yamunanagar, haryana, INDIA. As per your advertisement in the newspaper, i had called him up at my office for the purchase of car YARIS. I had enquired him about the benefit of RS 1 lakh as given in your newspaper advertisement. But i was completely shook by his misbehaviour. He started making sarcastic comments on the basis of my profession. He has no right to judge my profession and make such filthy comments despite of his other companions who even tried to stop him but all in vain. I have never seen such rude behaviour and i am sorry to say that i would no longer have any interest in your company. A strict action should be taken against him and he definitely should be taught how to deal with a customer.
A reply would highly be appreciated

Nov 22, 2018

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