Toyota Al Futtaimservice repair with no zero safety and quality checks

I have a brand new car bought in 2016, currently 2 years old only as good as new

After vising RTA for my vehicle inspection on 3rd July I came to know that my car was failed and reason was accident back in 2016 which was not repaired and RTA wanted to have more detailed inspection to find more discrepancies.So I was charged extra money to remove the parts and inspect again, after a closer and deeper inspection they found the car was not repaired and the chassis is still bent and damage. I informed them that the car is repaired in authorized toyota shop only, they requested me to do a Chassis Measurement test to make sure if it was really repaired or not repaired. A final confirmation report by RTA is also attached CCM which is a proof of damage chassis.(please reimburse all the attached expenses as well )

Did handed over me a damage vehicle with frame damage not repaired and I was driving 2 years a damage frame vehicle compromising my and my family`s safety and a big company like toyota is doing this, I paid 800 for 1000KM service which is max 300AED outside but toyota is charging 800-AED, on 20, 000KM and 30, 000 KM
i paid almost 3500 AED for 30K service which in open market is hardly a job for all together [protected] for why are we paying 3 times to authorized dealers Toyota agency repairs if this is the quality and safety they are providing,

Please always make sure once you get your car repair get the confirmation and certificate from Toyota to avoid failing Test in RTA inspection and dont put your and your family life in danger

This is a serious issue of trust, safety and security with clearly cheating the customer and the insurance company as well.I was driving a damage vehicle even after charging the insurance company huge amount and the car delivered was not repaired and not safe to drive. After being cheated by a big company like Toyota I do not trust it anymore.I am definitely going to court and follow the legal procedures as Toyota also agreed there was negligence from their side but still they refuse to compensate
This message is for public safety and awareness to avoid all issues I faced with a care for society

Jul 30, 2018

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