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Tan Chong Motor HoldingsPending too long to deliver a customers order with unreasonable reason.

I would like to bring your attention regarding bad services and slow delivery of suv as per promise at one of ur branch. The reason given is most of staff clear leave and the factory short of manpower in fact the car is ready for delivery. Bank agreement is approved since November. A few letter sent from branch manager tanah merah, kelantan regarding this order. And now 5th January 2021 still no info yet. How come this case happen? Before this I am the one of ur loyal customers. Now, I feel Tan Chong Motor is the worst car management in Malaysia. Really dissatisfied with how u treat your customers. Nissan technology are intelligence but is not a good enough if management are failed to manage the customers satisfaction. Pls look into this case n take corrective action to build customers loyalty and trust. I am looking on ur action.

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    Oct 12, 2020

    Tan Chong Motor Holdings — Service

    My wife bought nissan xtrail2.0 back in november 2016 in bayan lepas pulau pinang showroom. CASE NO 1 On...

    Tan Chong Motor HoldingsAirconditioning

    I bought a Serena 2019 on June 2020. After taking delivery of the car, the aircon was not pumping any gas after 2 months. I took it to TC Service Centre Kota Kinabalu (Inanam) and the gas was refilled. Guess what? Tgid morning the same problem occured. I have been driving various brands and this is the first time I encountered a problem which persist even when the mileage is only 700km. The aircon guy is on leave today and I can only send the car on monday (21/9/2020). What made it worse was that this experience spoilt my family's mood for the weekend. We are left swearing as before. Iwondered whether Nissan Service only employs ONE guy and all aircon jobs depended on him. One thing for sure, if such problem occur again, then I will make sure I get my money back.

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      Tan Chong Motor HoldingsDue to employee negligence , engine break down after the gearbox fixed and fail to tighten up the screw.

      my mom's car gearbox was diagnosed to be a gearbox problem and yet it is over 3 years guarantee period which the car was bought in 2016. And the gearbox is still under warranty until July (it has 6 months warranty). And few days ago my mom's car was sent to the Tanchong service center and the supervisor said that due to the screw was loose because we ask the formen to open it up and check. I wanted to say, this happened right after MCO and there isn't any individual workshop was operate during MCO, and now Tanchong service claimed that we ask the formen to loosen the screw? I dont mind they make anything wrong, but not pushing all the responsibility to the customer.
      Kindly please contact me [protected]

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        Apr 06, 2020

        Tan Chong Motor Holdings — Battery warranty claim

        Hi, I am feel very disappointed with nissan car and services from now onwards. A battery change...

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        Tan Chong Motor HoldingsWrongly installed parts

        I am Razy Japir (contact no: [protected]). I did a general service for my car (Almera, SSA4503A) early of this month (9 March). Then, I make complaint to Nissan Service Centre (Sandakan) about there is a rough sound when I'm turning on my air-cond. Nissan Sandakan has verified that the motor fan should be replaced and it is still under warranty. A week after (14 March), they called me to replace the fan motor. I waited for 2 hours for them to replace the part. After they had done the replacement, they called me back and said they had wrongly installed the part. The part that they had installed is not mine. They request me to go back to the service centre on the next Monday(16 March). Then, they replaced the part to the old one. After that, I realized that my alarm is not on when I'm locking my doors car. I called them, they said they forgot to put back the alarm. Please resolve this issue and take an action.

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          • Updated by Razy Jr. · Mar 30, 2020

            Saya cadangkan untuk Nissan membuka pusat servis dengan mengambil pelnggan dengan terhad (contohnya 5 pelanggan sehari). Oleh kerana Nissan tidak menangguhkan pembayaran balik pinjaman, Nissan juga perlu mengambil langkah inisiatif untuk menyelesaikan isu pelanggan. "We paid for you, you serve to us".

          Tan Chong Motor HoldingsLoan

          Head office tanchong kenapa pihak tanchong tidak membuat penanguhan bayar balik loan kereta Sepertimana kerajaan arah ya saya mengerti pihak tanchong adalah syarikat persendirian tetapi keadaan ekonomi sekarang ini macam pihak tanchong sedia maklum kami amat terkesan dan terjejas dengan ekonomi saat ini tolong la wahai tanchong pertimbang kan penanguhan bayar balik itu agar kami yang dalam kesempitan ini boleh menarik nafas lega sementara ekonomi dan keadaan menjadi pulih seperti sedia kala tolong la perihatin kepada customers anda sedangkan toyota capital pun membuat penanguhan bayar balik untuk pelanggan mereka.

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            Tan Chong Motor HoldingsPoor Service Center management at Klang Jalan batu 3

            I'm facing a bad experience that I have been long waiting for my car service which is a normal service. I arrived at 9am and it was told that my car will complete by 11am. Ended up 12.30pm my car are still standing outside and pending washing. I have been noticing my car service status. It started parking at washing bay from 11am to 12am without any action. If I was told that it will takes long time which is fine for me. So that I can arrange my time to do other stuffs. I was really disappointed on Nissan service Center. I look forward to see the improvement.


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              Tan Chong Motor HoldingsThe CVT gearbox

              Hi I having a Nissan Sylphy 1.8 registered on 2015. It's only 4.5 years old and mileage only 75k. This car was fully maintained by Nissan Service all the while and last service was in Dec 2019. Today this case was diagnosed with issues in the gearbox and it's not cover by the manufacturer. I this case is the any help from Nissan to resolve the problem? As I am the customer with Nisan for past 10 years and this is my 2nd car with Nissan. Please assist.

              My email

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                Tan Chong Motor Holdingsdashboard cracking


                My dad bought Nissan Sylphy and realised that the dashboard start to crack after one year.

                The car parks under the shade and not always drive out, just use it during weekends like family day.

                My dad is so sad why the dashboard crack so fast and not even park under the hot sun.

                My dad had advised his friend the way how to solve it, but cannot get the suit answer among his friends.

                Add on, our relative also bought the same car and facing this dashboard cracking issue. In the end, he sold out his car because he very disappointed of the quality and company's service.

                So, we wish can have a dashboard replacement and looking for feedbacks from Tan Chong Motor Holdings.

                Thanks and have a nice day.

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                  Nov 25, 2019

                  Tan Chong Motor Holdings — emergency/breakdown service not received-bad service

                  I had an emergency situation on 15th Nov 2019 where i could not start my car engine. Since i took my car...

                  Tan Chong Motor Holdingsairbag inflator

                  As requested by you, I have made a replacement on the passenger Airbag Inflator. However, the problem arise after the new airbag were replaced. The airbag sensor light started to blink continuosly.
                  I have contacted the Service centre at Kepong which done the Airbag replacement. They told me that is the electic board faulty and requested me to change it with cost of RM700+.
                  I regret to have my airbag changed. Before tis, my car is working fine. I am queries Tan Chong have tested this so call new Airbag is working fine for model Grand Livina year 2015.
                  Please give me a good solution and reply asap via e-mail: [protected]@gmail.com.
                  Tan KL

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                    Nov 07, 2019

                    Tan Chong Motor Holdings — damages to customer car

                    To whom it may concern, We received a letter from Nissan stating on recall back on the airbag with...

                    Oct 22, 2019

                    Tan Chong Motor Holdings — new serena c27 - engine having loud humming sound during acceleration.

                    Owner name : Tan Cheng Lean Car no plate : PPB 9396 Vehicle type : Serena (MPV) My new Serena just bought a...

                    Oct 16, 2019

                    Tan Chong Motor Holdings — wrong information to asking customer changing part

                    Bad services Reason as below : On that 15.10.19 at 2pm. I have brought my car nissan almera wa1038a to...

                    Tan Chong Motor HoldingsNissan x trail no power during acceleration, Radio Issue and Remoter Issue

                    The radio issue. Bluetooth frequently disconnected.
                    i) Few time the radio was opened at Butterworth service center and the radio was bring to their supplier. However, the problem still have until today. Already discuss with Chery few times. But, still having same problem since car bought. Kindly take look the attachment image.
                    -ii) Another problem at radio is suddenly not have sound. This was proven and shown to technician at Kulim service center. Kindly take look the attachment video that took together with Kulim technician.
                    iii) This time, with this evidence prove that my car radio having issue and I need replace with new radio. However, Nissan customer service center ask me open and send to supplier for 3rd time. Now the radio put back to my car and still with old radio. My question is the radio was proven having issue since I bough the car; but why not replace with new set?

                    No Power during acceleration.
                    - This item also already talk to Chery few times. After verify by butterworth service center, they claim saying that because of carpet. However, I already take out the carpet but the issue still same. So, what is real issue. This issue also having since first day took the car. However, at Kulim service center, I bring along one of the technician and already show the problem. He admit that the car having issue and need collect more data on that. In sametime both of us try using showroom same model xtrail car. However, no isuse at this car. Then, after discuss will Nissan service center, they ask me send again to Kulim serice center for collect more data. After get the data, this round the technician told me that the KL service center mention that no issue on my car. This is [censored]. The problem still have until today.

                    Car Remote Control Issue
                    i) When near with car and try open the car, the remote not function. I need take out the key from my pocket and show to window, then only can open it. This will happen sometimes only. This also proven when show to technician at Kulim service center.
                    ii) Another big issue is, in while driving the car at road, suddenly the error message pop up saying that key id incorrect. Really shock see this message. Already happen few times ready. Kindly take look the image.

                    Already send out many mails to Malaysia Service center. But, seem like not good feedback from them and i need send to service center everytime having issue.

                    Nissan x trail no power during acceleration, Radio Issue and Remoter Issue
                    Nissan x trail no power during acceleration, Radio Issue and Remoter Issue
                    Nissan x trail no power during acceleration, Radio Issue and Remoter Issue

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                      Tan Chong Motor Holdingsproduct

                      hi i used to have serena yr 2015(C26), sold it due to gearbox issue, was replaced but there are some minor issues. Eventually we decided to purchase the c267 but surprisingly the cebter seat was removed. We decided to wait if Nissan would bring back this center seat in their facelift models, coz this center seat is something which makes us buy the c26 models.

                      My history with Nissan started with my first car Nissan Langley way long ago, nissan Latio 2008 (Singapore Tan Chong), and again 2015 Serena, and again we plan to go for new model but the center seat really holding us back.

                      Pls advice, thanks

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                        Aug 02, 2019

                        Tan Chong Motor Holdings — nissan x trail year 2016

                        We have brought a 2.L Nissan X-Trail early year 2016 . The car is less than 3 & half year old . We alway...

                        Jul 19, 2019

                        Tan Chong Motor Holdings — unethical behaviour

                        The following is the sequence of what happened to my serena car on 17th july 2019, i sent my car serena to...

                        Tan Chong Motor Holdingsnissan navara np 300

                        Sredaran saksi daran july 11, 2019
                        vehicle reg. No fa 9037
                        model nissan navara np300
                        km 45, 000

                        dear sir,

                        frequent repairs to new vehicle

                        in spite of being a new vehicle i am facing difficulty due to frequent breakdown to my vehicle.
                        The specific repairs are as follows:

                        1. Battery faulty

                        the battery went flat within 2 months of the purchase of the vehicle.
                        New dry cell battery was replaced, although i was recommend the normal (water refilling type) by nissan upon purchasing the vehicle. My request for the old type battery was rejected. This, in spite of me signing up a 50, 000 km maintenance service package and with the 3 years warranty.

                        2. Air conditioner faulty

                        the air-con went faulty, continuously running at the maximum temp. Unable to control or reduce the blower. It took nissan service center 2 weeks to get it done. (as wrong parts ordered)

                        3. Engine oil leaking

                        the engine oil was leaking after my routine service (just imagine me driving without eng oil and the damage to the vehicle) all this reflects unprofessional services carried out at the nissan service centers.

                        4. Engine turbo leakage

                        last week while driving the vehicle slowed down and had less pick-up. Upon checking at the nissan service center, they confirmed there is leakage in the hose (turbo leakage).

                        This is my second nissan vehicle, first was an almera, now nissan navara. As the repairs are frequent i would kindly request nissan to do a through test on the vehicle and confirm the road worthyness and further extend my warranty period for another 2 years.

                        Thank you, and kind regards,

                        sredaran saksi daran

                        yours faithfully.

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