Toyota2014 rav4 radio unit, blue tooth, and gps extremely poor advantage toyota service center in barboursville, wv

My radio unit went bad in my RAV 4, on Dec 23. I called the service center on Dec. 26 where I purchased the car new. I described the problem and told them I would like to schedule an appointment to get it fixed. I live 50 miles from the Service Center. I got an appointment for Jan 2. When I got there I had them change the oil and see about fixing the radio unit. I hoped to leave that day with the car fixed. That is not what happened. They said the unit was bad and they had to order it. They claim the manufacturer of the radio unit takes 2 weeks to ship them. I ask why so long and why didn't order one when I called on 26 Dec.? He said they had to pull out the unit to see what one to get? They have my VIN number cant they know which one was in it by that? I told them I needed one, to order it and tell me when its in so I can schedule an appointment. Left, had travelled 100 miles the car is not fixed. Got a call when the part came in, I scheduled an appointment to have it installed. The appointment date I believe was on Jan 19. On Jan. 17 a deer hit my car and damaged it. I did not want to drive my car damaged as it was 50 miles till I had it repaired. I called the Service Center told them what happened. I ask them to hold the unit to repair the radio and I will call and schedule an appointment once the damage to my car was fixed. I called on Feb. 2. I told them who I was and that I wanted to get my radio unit fixed and installed.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Barboursville, WV I was told that my unit was shipped back to the manufacturer. I asked why it was shipped back they knew I wanted it fixed? I was told that the agreement with manufacturer of the radio unit states they cant the radio units in stock more than two weeks. I'm wondering why Toyota would agree to such and a ludicrous agreement to where they cant adequately service someone's car in a timely manner. It sounds absolutely ridiculous on the face of it. Second of all, if that was the policy, why would anyone keep a service manager on the job that just done what he did to me. He didn't order the part when I told him the unit was bad, I had to wait approximately 16 days to get an appointment to get it fixed. I had the incident with the deer, I ask to him to hold the unit, he shipped it back anyway, (policy or not) knowing I wanted it fixed, it doesn't take a genius to know if he had to send that one back, he should have immediately ordered another. He did not. I cant believe they let someone as incompetent as that remain the service manager. I have told them in there to get the part, I will have to wait again who knows how long or why in this day and age you cant get it overnighted to get my unit installed. It's been over a month. I will never ever buy another car from that dealer, I will discourage everyone I know from going there. And if Toyota has made such a ludicrous contact with the manufacturer of the radio unit where they control timeframes for delivery and repairs, I will never own another Toyota either.

Feb 03, 2017

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