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Total Wireless / service/ customer service complaint

1 United States

i bought a phone, and then i got a 30- day plan for unlimited talk and text card. i activated it correctly, made an account on your app, and it worked great for 2 days. then stopped. if i tried to make a call i got "you are unauthorized to use this cellular service", and then couldn't send text messages anymore. and my imessage won't activate now. i called support for the last 17 days, and never got one answer until today. i explained what was going on, and a worker in customer support said, "the problem is on our side, somehow the system messed up." so i simply said "okay, is there a way i can get my money back since my 30 days is over in a week or can i get another 30 days for free; since i didn't get the service i paid for bc of your system?" and he honestly goes, "i'm so sorry for the inconvenience, but no, if you want service you must pay for another 30-day" simply said okay and hung up. i basically got my money wasted for a mistake in the companies system, and i can't get my money back or even get the days of service i never got, but had already paid for? but i can totally get service if i pay another 30 something dollars, when i didn't get the service from the first time. i'm truly enraged that a company, would 1. not answer customer support for 17 days. 2. inform me it's their fault, but do nothing to help me. and 3. act as though they didn't care about the issue they've caused me. i hope someone sees this, and helps fix the problem, bc i'm so upset with how it was dealt with. i don't enjoy having my money taken for a service, and not receiving said service, and basically being told "our fault, but you have to deal with it so bye". i currently would not recommend Total Wireless to anyone.

Jan 3, 2019

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