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Total Cleanse, Easy Body Cleanse, Online Body Health / Fraud

127 NW 13th Street, Suite 4Boca Raton, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-445-7436 or 877-300-3766

I also got caught in this scam. They at least sent an email confirmation and I found their 800# on all of the charges they put on my card through my online banking acct. They operate under different names and have different phone numbers so it's difficult to track them, let alone know what the actual name of the company is to try and track them.

The first 800# is associated with the Total Cleanse and the second with Easy Body Cleanse Pro. I only ordered a sample of Total Cleanse and then I started receiving all these charges under all these mysterious names. They said they do accept returns and will provide a refund (how much is yet to be seen) if you ship it to: SFL Nutrition, Attn: Returns Depts., 127 NW 13th St., Suite #4, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

I cancelled my "membership" using their IM customer service at mytrialsupport.com. When I tried to call the 2nd 800#, the guy could hear me at first, but when I started asking questions he said he could not hear me and would have to terminate the call in 15 seconds. Be sure to document your IM conversation and the web pages that did not provide disclaimers to report the fraud.

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  13th of Jan, 2009
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HELP...Never got yhe trial, now sending me 30 day supplies every two days, called my credit card people and it is under investigation...Have no idea how to stop this as no phone number ever works... Can I send all this stuff to that florida address and get them to stop and refund my card?
  14th of Jan, 2009
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THE same has happen to me I order the trial size, and they charge me 5.95, then they charge 78.44
and another charge of 87.33. I called them several times and they said they would issue a refund. 01-09-09 they
refunded the 78.44, i called about the 87.33 they have no know record of that . One number I called said that Total cleanse was not the same company as Easy Body Cleanse that's who stole my 87.33. I don't know what to do I put a complaint to the BBB in FL. I have not heard from them. I d have at least to of the calls I made on tape.

My number is 608-663-9609 call please if you can help me
E-mail address is debbiejbrown000@att.net

Debbie J. Brown
  28th of Jan, 2009
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I called this phone number and received acknowledgement that I was returning the product to them, the toll free number is 800-659-3588. You will need to be patient and wait for an operator. But you can get a mailing address to return the product and you can always take the product to your local post office and 'refuse' delivery. Just write down the tracking numbers for all the shipments that you do this with.
  28th of Jan, 2009
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Sorry, that phone number listed above is the phone number for the Acai Berry people, for the Total cleanse I used this toll free number and received both an e-mail confirming my cancellation of the membership and a cancelation number. I called 888-445-7436. After reading all the complaints about this product I refused delivery of this product within the 14 day free trial period.
  29th of Jan, 2009
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Just another customer with the same exact problem. Ordered the trial of Achi Berri and Total Body Cleanse and immediatley cancelled both upon receipt of the trial. I've since been hit by the Total Body Cleanse for $78.84 even though they said they were unable to bill my credit card. Of course the 888 number on my credit card was able to bill my credit card. The funny thing is that I give my same information to both operators at both 888 numbers and one finds the charge and the other says they were unable to charge. How do they both know about Oder Number : 719732? You know they are sitting right next to each other grinning from ear to ear.
  3rd of Feb, 2009
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I sure wish I had read these comments before I too fell into this trap! I was charged 4x because it kept coming up saying that it would not accept my cc, please use another one. I have called all the #'s that have been provided (there have been a few), they all have the same operator, amazingly, they say please wait for an agent to get to you, it's the same girl every single time! What are the odds of that happening??? Once you tell her your problem, she's says please hold, and she hangs up on you. I even tried live chatting with someone, the same song & dance as the operator, basically saying they don't have my order and cannot help me. However, she said she couldn't give me a phone # for support unless I had and ID #, which of course I didn't, because I never got any confirmation that the order was placed except my Credit Card. I have contacted my Credit Card company, and the charges have been pending for 5 days already, but said it can take up to 10 days for a charge to be pending, however it is unusual. After the 10 days, the charges will disappear, but my fear is that whoever this company is, still has my information, and I plan on making sure they don't get it again. I have a friend who advised that I contact FTC.gov (Federal trading Company) to send in a complaint. I think everyone here should do the same...let's get these creeps before they sucker others into their trap!!!
  3rd of Feb, 2009
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  10th of Feb, 2009
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I too was a vitim of this scam.. I was hit twice for $83.14, I called the number that showed up on my bank card detail and they cancelled my membership and said they would credit my account back, but couldn't give me an exact date as to when that would happen. I talked with my bank and they told me that because it states on the terms and conditions (the fine print) that they couldn't file a claim against this company but since I have a confirmation number to my cancelling the membership if they charge my card again I then couldn file a claim against them.. try this number 1-866-673-8813
  1st of May, 2009
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I'm in the same seat as you all. How can you cancel when they give you a number that states all circuits are busy every time you call. I ordered a product through the acai noni and recieved other diet products such as Total Cleanse and clear colon. I received confo for a full refund through mysupporttrial for the total cleanse after explaining that I live in hawaii and they don't allow 15 days to cancel and that their product and service is a fraud for providing a fraudulent number and having us to research for more then 5-10 days to find a legit number a ways to contact them. We are prey and they need to be reported as an illegal, greedy practice. I'm still trying to find the legit number for clear colon...I cancelled back in February the acai but these other products are not associated. what a catch. someone is really smart out there and I'm an idiot to fall prey.
  1st of May, 2009
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I was hit with this same thing. I did can't through my suppport trial and received a full refund for the Total cleanser but there is another product that we all fell prey which is the 84.33 amount. the number provided is a hoax. This causes you grief. I will still find this company and dispute the charges with my cc company and change my number.

It is unfortunate there are greedy people preying on us but this teaches us to be more careful.

The entire product is a scam. If you notice when you call the number provided all circuits will be busy for the rest of your life. How sad.

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