Total Cleanse all products / Total Cleanse Beware!

Total Cleanse company is designed only to steal a good hard working families money. We ordered the QUOTE "FREE Trial" that was advertised as "GIVE IT A TRY RISK FREE". There was a small charge for delivery. Ordering this product was very UNfortunate, but the fortunate part was that my wife did luckily happen to notice the very fine print at the bottom of the page that said you MUST call and cancel your order or you will continually be charged $75 or so each and every month for each product. I called and after being on the line for 30 mins got a customer service person. They canceled the order. Well One Month later, we get an email stating that CONGRATULATIONS we have shipped you the order of your COLON CLEANSE. To make this short and bitter, we had to close two (2) bank accounts to avoid extremely dishonest thiefs from stealing from us.

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