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Toshiba / 40rf350u LCD TV / picture problem

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I purchased a Toshiba 40RF350U LCD HD TV from American Electronics in Peoria, IL Dec. 20th 2007. I got the TV home and noticed after it was up to operating temp. the upper right hand corner was lighter in fact it looked like a small flood lamp shinning down at a 45 degree angle. I took the TV back the following day and they gave me another one. When I got it home it did the same thing. I called American and they said come back in and let's look at another brand with the thin bezel. It had the same problem. I thought I could get use to it but I can't. I called Toshiba customer service on May 22nd and got no help. In fact I was treated rudly. I went to American on Friday the 23rd and talked with the salesman. We looked at the floor model and it does the same thing. American said they can not do anything until Toshiba authorizes it. I E-mailed Toshiba and explained everything over again. They did not respond. I called Toshiba Today May 29th. They said they contacted the American salesman and he told them what the floor model was doing. They also told me this is normal for this model. I said this is not right I have three other LCD TV's and they don't do this. I also said I would pay the differance to up grade to this years model it does not have this problem. They must have fixed it! They said it's to bad I would have to live with it. I don't want to live with it. I want it fixed. This is a problem on all of their sets with the thin bezel from last year. Help!!!

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  • Pa
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    Yeah Toshiba got my last dollar and that of everyone I will tell about my experience. My tv looked like it had a picture frame around the outside of the screen that was lighter than the rest of the screen. Then when turned on, only half of it lighted up. The authorized service people kidnapped it and then after two weeks when I called, said they where waiting for parts, the next person I talked to said they were waiting on authorization to order the parts but that the parts needed were on back order. So two weeks later this dimwit calls to tell me in another two weeks they will dedide what to do with my tv. I asked to speak to someone above him and I get "Patrick" this guy would make a good prison guard. He has no people skills. He dismissed my questions and basically tells me to f off! I still dont have a tv and to tell the truth I would rather have my money back, I dont trust them at this point and the tv is only 6months old so what happens next time it takes a dump? I just want my money back.

  • Kb
      27th of Nov, 2010
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    I’m a fan of Toshiba products, but was also disappointed with the problems that surfaced with my LCD. I bought the 40RF350U expecting the same great quality I’ve received in other Toshiba products, including my laptop, and heard nothing but great reviews on Toshiba’s customer service and reliability. Then my unit experienced the same defects described by other posts:
    1) ½ of the screen flickered out and became sporatic
    2) a 4 inch margin on one side of the screen that altered the viewing
    My LCD screen became unusable – of course I was most upset! I contacted Toshiba and at first was told there was no known defects, and no resolution offered. So I researched the problem and found these other post with the same issues. I took 30+ photos of my LCD. Contacting Toshiba’s customer service again, I was able to get a hold of the correct person and submitted the photos of the malfunctioned screen.
    The end result was Toshiba stood by their quality and repaired my LCD. The panel was fixed and resolved all issues, and the image looks even crisper than before. Submitting documentation and photos of my defective unit was the key to getting a fix.
    I was amazed by Toshiba’s customer service to listen and aid in fixing their LCD panel. Toshiba proved their quality and reliability. Although it was a hassle and inconvenient, the experience showed me Toshiba is an outstanding company with great quality and customer service. Afterwards, a customer service manager even called for a final check on my satisfaction. Toshiba is still excellent and I will continue buying their quality products.

  • Ha
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    If this isn't some type of burn in, what is it? I bought a Toshiba Regza 42RV530U 42" LCD TV on 8/15/08. Here lately, and
    getting worse weekly, I have what looks like a dark smudge. It begins in the upper middle of the screen and comes down in a
    circular direction and around the 9 o'clock position, starts to head towards the 3 o'clock position as if it is making some type of
    circle. I would guess there is no more than 5, 000 hours on this tv. An example told me as to the life of these LCD'S was, you
    could keep them on 24/7 and they would last at least 10 yrs. Any ideas? Any fix? I have had great luck with Toshiba products
    in the past and is the main reason I bought this one. I knew going in that these tv's wouldn't last as long as all my old picture
    tubes (20-30yrs) but certainly expect more than 2 1/2 yrs. Say at least 10. Looking at LG or Samsung LED's if this one is shot.
    Thank- you for letting me vent.
    HADLEY 1/30/11

  • Sa
      29th of Mar, 2011
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    We have had this TV since January 2008 which we purchased at A&B TV in Austin, Texas. After a year the LCD display started giving us problems. About 1/4 of the screen on the left had a line through it and was lighter than the rest of the screen. A few months later the same thing happened on the right side of the screen. A few months later the left half of the display would flicker for about 5-10 minutes when the TV was first turned on, then the picture would come in again, but still with the lines on the right and left side. Lately the TV when first turned on displays vertical lines all on the left side of the screen (see photo). For a few weeks it would eventually go away, but as of yesterday it appears that the lines will not go away at all and we cannot watch TV. We have asked every electronic service person who has come to the house if it can be fixed, and nobody has been able to help. We called Toshiba not too long ago and was told that there were no known issues.

  • Ru
      27th of Mar, 2015
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    I was given a Toshiba 40rf350u (2007 model) i is now 2015 that has the colored bars on the left hand side of the tv.
    Sometimes it shows up when the tv is first turned on (cold weather) then goes away 15 minuets later never to return during that power cycle.
    Other times it shows up 30 minuets after the tv is turned on in the same area as smudged color bars or just a black area and does not go away but when I "flex" the left hand side of the tv it goes away during that power cycle.
    It used to have a 2 inch area running down the left hand side of the screen next to the bezel that was brighter than the rest of the screen ( only visible on bright commercials )but since I started bending the screen to get rid of the color bars that also has gone away!

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