Toshiba 23hlv84 HDTV / 3 failed remotes, failed hdmi input

I purchased a Toshiba 23 " HDTV, model 23HLV84 in February 2005. There was a problem with the television, and I exchanged it for a new one in May 2005. Within a year, the up and down volume buttons failed on the remote. These buttons control many functions on the TV. Toshiba replaced the remote under the warranty. Just over a year later, the same buttons on the new remote broke. Toshiba did not want to replace the remote, so I contacted the Illinois Attorney General's office. All of a sudden, Toshiba called and told me they were going to replace the remote. Nine months after I received the third remote, the same buttons started to fail. I called Toshiba, and they refused to replace the remote. I contacted the Illinois Attorney General's office again, but Toshiba has not responded after several months.

There is another problem with the TV. This past January, I got a Comcast DVR, which was connected to the HDMI input. This was the first time I used this input since I got the TV. After two months, the HDMI input stopped working. Comcast tried two more DVRs and two more HDMI cables, and they could not get the HDMI input to work.

This TV and the remotes are defective. The same buttons failed on all three remotes; every other button is working with no problem on all of them.I have never had to replace a remote on any device, some of which I have had for twenty years. I do not want to pay for a remote that might fail again.

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