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I have gone on there live help line on several occasions and they refuse to help, tell me it's my problem and they will not give me contact information for a manager. Below is my last conversation which outlines all my issues. Pictures are of defective items which they keep claiming I never sent even though I attach them on every conversation. These chats go for hours until inevitably my battery dies on my iPad. They do it on purpose.
To whom it may concern:
I have been an extremely loyal customer since May. I have purchased almost
$3, 000 in merchandise. I am writing because I am extremely disappointed in your
customer service. I have received several items defective or not at all.
Whenever I reach out to your live chat they do the standard ask for order
number, defective item number, give an apology, and ask for pictures. I have
complied several times and to date received nothing. The other day I asked for
the contact of the head of customer service they refused to give it to me.
I too work in customer service and as a manager if any of my employees
treated a customer the way I have been treated they would be on disciplinary
steps. Please believe me when I tell while I like your site I will stop using
it in a minute if this email does not yield results.
Here is what I want:
1.status on order haven't received anything on till date. 1411016XNGCB ORDERED
11/1 $309.40
2. Status on order haven't received anything on till date. 141120RCPEAP ordered
11/20 $344.28
3. Item I never received told replacement would be sent order number
140518G8H45R no item number because it was no longer on your site, yellow black
Revo I paid $21.67
4. On order 1411016XNGCB I ONLY received the following items, [protected],
[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected],
J03253 & [protected]. What is the status of the rest?

These are the items I received broken from order 140906BETJ7H I sent pictures
and never heard back:
1. Quantity of 2 of F225 Unisex Retro
2. Quantity of 1 of F225
These cost me $5.65 each.
If you no longer carry them then I would like a refund.

I am reattaching the pictures on the defective items. I want confirmation on
receipt of this letter, receipt of the pictures and a detailed break- down on
how these issues will be resolved. Your cooperation and assistance will be
appreciated. If I need to escalate this to the next level then please advise on
who and how.

Thank you
Delmalynn Reinke
1811 Grand Isle Drive, Brandon, FL 33511 / Customer Service

Dec 18, 2014

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