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TLG Just for Me / unauthorized charge of $129.99 to Chase Card

1 200 OakAve, Allway, MT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 505-222-3850

I was charged $129.00 by TLG for a service called Just for Me. I called them and they said I had signed up for it back in 2006. Therefore I have been charged for the past 3 years. The said they would remove the last 2 charges but I would have to contact a review board in order to have the initial charge of $119.00 from '06 removed. Who are these criminals. After reading all these complaints, can you even imagine how much money has been stolen all together. These people should be locked up and throw away the key. And as soon as this gets straightened out, if it can be, I plan to cancel my Chase/Amazon card. In fact, after this fiasco I will make every effort to cancel all credit cards and then I hopefully won't have to worry about ridiculous rip-offs like this. And I will be better off in the long run.


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  • Wa
      25th of Sep, 2008


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  • Je
      14th of Nov, 2008

    I will be cancelling my credit card with CHASE because of the same type of fraudulent act. My credit card was charged 59.99 and I never agreed to this charge. They claimed I cashed a check back in Feb. of this year and it authorized them to charge me. I did not cash a check. All my money transactions go through the bank and my bank has no record of a deposit for the claimed $9.25 check they state I cashed. I have done some research and the address this company claims to have is not a fruad. TLG* JUST FOR ME is the company doing the charges. This is all over the internet about people being charged by similar company names. They are all related under a parent company but it all comes from the same place. It is a fraud!!! CHASE deserves to loose all its customers for doing business with these people. Lets report this to all the news channels.

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  • De
      9th of Mar, 2009

    I havent used my DISCOVER card for years as it has been maxed out and I have only been able to make minimum payments these years...I assumed account was closed. Now, Feb 2009---looking for a new job and being denied jobs due to my poor credit score. I have been making vigorous efforts and personal sacrifices to payoff my old credit balances.

    So, after I recvd my Tax Refund --I paid 90% of this balance and all other bills then took a vacation to Florida for a week. Upon my return to PA, I reveiwed my bills and statements & noticed (3) UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES from CONNETICUT on 2/25; which just happened to be same day I made a large payment and the day before I went on vacation.
    Unauthorized charges were all from
    totally over $199
    I never heard other this place and immediately file a dispute for each with my Credit Card company. I decided to do some research of my own only to find out that numerous other websites & message boards were dedicated to many complaints of fraudulant charges on their cards from "TLC"--so WHY ARE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES still allowing charges/transaction from this place? !!! WHY arent they stopped!

    *I put HALF THE BLAME & SHAME on this greedy, heartless, deceitful company who prey on hardworking lower class Americans--then I put the *other HALF THE BLAME & SHAME on the greedy Credit Card companies such as HSBC/ Discover

    I am a single mother and just as many other Americans I am trying to make ends meets in this bad economy; --please let me know what ever I can do to see this company and scam is closed for good and criminal charges are persued.

    I will be cancelling (3) credit cards with HSBC the second they are paid off--if they monitor the second you are late and charge us unrealistic charges--then they can better monitor out of state or suspicious charges and alert their customers.

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  • Ar
      13th of May, 2009

    i was charged $149.99 AND DON'T KNOW FOR WHAT.. WHAT IS THIS COMPANY

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  • Qu
      16th of Jun, 2009
    TLG Just for Me - they charged me 70 dollars in my house hold card for no reason when i havent purchase anything.
    TLG just for me
    United States

    They charged me 70 dollars in my house hold card for no reason when i havent purchased anything in the past associated with this company or what ever you wanna call it. The reference number on my house hold card is CNDTSEEDMHB08100801500 for this TLG just for me.

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  • Ga
      12th of Jul, 2009

    I've had 3 unauthorized transactions since I bought Pedi-Paw last December. 4 actually counting double billing for Pedi Paw (as seen on TV). If I hadn't been keeping track of my on-line account, I never would have known. It's a predatory practice.
    First time it was $16, for membership to Target Coupon Club, then it was TLG*ID Secure for $139.99
    The following month $99.99 TLG*Shopper Advantage, both of the larger unauthorized transactions started a chain reaction of overdrafts fees taking up to 2 weeks to resolve. I'm still dealing with the Bank to resolve what TLG* Shopper Advantage brought on.
    Dig this, I contacted TLG* and asked where they got the info to access my account, they got it from Pedi-Paw.
    So Friday July 10 I get a check in the mail for $8.25.
    On the front of the mailer where the "sent by" area is it states "Referred to you by Pedi-Paw". It was a 3 fold mailer, the back of the check says, I will be billed $129.99 after my 30 day free trial of "Just For Me" if I don't call the toll free number and cancel my membership to "Just for Me" and, I will be automatically billed annually. In cashing the $8.25 check I am authorizing Pedi-Paw to release my credit card information to "Just for Me", for Enrollment, Benefits, and Processing.
    Not giving away my own strategy, there are grounds here for a class action lawsuit. Go to the Consumer Affairs web site and click on "Report Fraud"

    Gary Clark
    Morro Bay CA

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  • Da
      23rd of Jul, 2009

    This company is a total fraud.
    I was charged $129.99 on my Chase card. As soon as I called, they claimed I cashed a check which permitted this charge. I denied it, asked to speak to a supervisor, and immediately she accepted the denial. I have been re-credited fully. But many people they prey upon do not check their bills diligently and they are getting away with it. The executives of this company should be put in jail.
    David Finkelstein - Potomac, MD

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  • Ki
      11th of Jan, 2010

    It happened to me...129.99 they said it came through Budget rent a car that sent me a check for 9.99 that was cashed. Outright lie, I was out of the country for 5 months when I cashed the check. Just checked with Budget and they are partners with TLG so DON'T USE THEM.

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  • Ki
      11th of Jan, 2010

    Budget Rent A Car is promoting this with these guys, TLG

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  • Di
      19th of Jan, 2010

    I just got off the phone with Chase after discovering an $89.00 charge on my account which has had a credit for many months. Out of the blue "TLG AUTOVNTGE" bills his to my card. We cut up the cards 6 months ago after we paid off the 15 month 0 intrest balance transfer 2 months ago. These all cant be honest mistakes. This seems like outright theft.

    We should all take one anothers advice and not deal with ANY company listed in these complaints! I always use Budget Rentals for my employees and myself (11 years!). Never again and I will pass this on to as many people as I can.

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  • An
      25th of Jan, 2010

    I got charged $109.00 from a company called "just for me" the number is 866-383-4169. I called and they tried to offer me a "deal" I told them that I want my money back and that I do not want to be charged ever again. They promised that they will give me a refund within 7 business days.
    We will see...

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  • Cr
      16th of Feb, 2010

    TLG Just For Me CT is a fraudulent billing scam organization presently using a call center located in Lewiston, Maine (1-800-723-1174). Those answering the phone are a "Kaila" and a "Rafael". Those are the names given to me when I called. Let the phones ring for as long as they don't answer! They try to discourage you by not answering, don't hang up - this is a " 800 " number and will cost them for every minute they make you wait. The credit card industry is doing nothing to close this billing scam. Google " Scam Watch 2008/2009" Trilegiant-Fraudulent Billing Practices - Identity Theft - A Hosted Site. Yes, I also got hit after using a company called Haband to make a purchase. I cannot explain how they manged to obtain my credit card number.


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  • Ha
      28th of Apr, 2010

    This is the 3rd (THIRD!) such thing to happen to me in as many months. How do they get my card number???
    Another creditcardfool...C

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  • Ro
      8th of Sep, 2010

    Amazing! Just this morning Clark Howard talked about little charges that people overlook, even 25 cent charges that have gone on for years can add up. I was looking at my charge statement for something else and noted "TLG Just for Me" for $14.99. I order flowers often and the TLG caught my eye and I thought it was an FTD Florist. At first I thought "Hmmm, who died" then I noticed the charge was just $14.99, not enough for flowers. So, I looked back, back, back on my statements and sure enough TLG Just for me got me for the last 7 months. That's $104.93! So, I called them and they will credit me just the 4 months as someone mentioned, not the whole amount. It seems they are part of the Shoes Under piece of $%#@ I ordered off the TVand returned. Well, a check came eventually but not for the full amount. I cashed it and thought that was all. Not worth messing with for the full amt. I think. Anyway, I was told today that when I signed the check I was signing up for an 8-week free trial and after that if I didn't cancel I was on until I did cancel. What a rip-off! Now as most of you know, I have to appeal anything further back than the 2 months (that's IF they can catch the Sept. charge) Here's the address I have to write to in order to appeal and the fax number...Just For Me Executive Support, po Box 6100, Westerville, OH 43086 and the fax number...1-800-964-8115

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  • Ki
      30th of Apr, 2012

    They got me too.

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