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un-approved charges

I have received 4 charges that I can see on my credit card for $11.99 since July.

I applied for a free two-week trial for Fandano which is related to "Great Fun" and I believe that is what TLG Everyday is related to.

I cancelled my Fandango before my two weeks was up and I just noticed that I'm still being charnged every month.

  • Br
    brock Nov 08, 2008

    just found $139.00 charge on my card from tlg evrydy. Called my CC company and they removed the charges. I went ahead and canceled the card and ordered a new one. Pretty scary, because I don't always check my card statements that closely each month. The good news is that I will be monitoring them like a hawk from now on because of this.

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unauthorized/fraud. withdrawls from debt card

TLG Great Fun has fraudently taking money from my mastercard without authorization for 11.99. I need for someone to contact me via email on this situation! Please leave a number that I can call! This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed immediately! I never gave any information of the sort to this company so how they obtained my card number is unknown to me! This is against the law and I need attention to this as soon as possible! This is a govenment issued debit card and I will put the proper complaints on these transactions and have this tracked!

Thank you,
Shauna Gonzales

  • Jo
    johnny r pincay Dec 02, 2008

    The same thing happened to me im a deployed soldier in iraq right and when i looked on my account i saw 11.99 and now its increased to 13.99 and ive never given this company any of my info i need some assistance as well on this matter

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membership fee increased???

Just received postcard informing me that my "Great Fun membership fee has been increased. This charge will be...

no web site, unable to cancel

Signed up for free month of discounts. Never received anything but card with no info. Am trying to cancel but...

unauthorized credit card charge

I was checking my credit card statement and I did not know that there was a charge of $119.99 from TLG Great Fun. I have not heard of this company until I saw the charge and it was more than a month ago.

Today is Sunday and I can't call the company and my credit card company. But I will surely will tomorrow.

How can this company still operate with all these complaints ? Why can't any government agency investigate this matter ? This is clearly fraud and we all know that fraud is a federal offense. Can anybody from any agency protect us and stop this kind of fraud ?

  • To
    Tom Shugrue May 24, 2008

    Unauthorized credit card charge!

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  • Fl

    I am trying to be nice so PLEASE stop charging my credit card for something I did not request.

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  • Bi
    Bill Sep 13, 2008

    Three charges three months in a row in the amount of $149, $149 and $109 were charged to my Visa card. Fortunately my credit card credited my account. Does anyone know if they have a lawsuit against them?

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  • To
    Tom & Betty Nov 07, 2008

    This is TLG Great Fun... We just found out today that we were taken by this company for $36.00 out of our bank account. Here is a link to their information with the BBB of CT.


    They need to be shut down! They have been scamming people under all kinds of names for years by sneaking in under "legitimate" websites and swiping your credit card info. to sign you up for crap that you don't know you are ordering and you never receive. We talked with "Nancy" an "Executive Supervisor" this evening and after our conversation are being reimbursed $108 in total for all of the charges they have helped themselves to from our bank account. They say that Tom clicked on box while on the Columbia House website. He did not do that, he certianly didn't give them his banking information or permission to take money from the account! They also say that they have been sending us travel cupons and a magazine for the past year, nothing has been received from them... ever. "Nancy" told us that we may have "mistaken it for junk mail" to which we responded that maybe they disguise it as junk mail so they won't be so easily discovered! As for a magazine, none has ever been delivered to us and as for "TLG Great Fun" we had never heard of them until they were noticed stealing money from our bank account today. We need to get together and find a good lawyer to take up a CLASS ACTION SUITE against these jerks and every internet site that gives/sells them our banking/credit card information!

    Betty & Tom
    Whiteland, IN

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  • Ga
    gabriel Nov 13, 2008

    make sure to call them and ask for a supervisor when she refused to give you the full amount then ask to speak to her supervisor also ask for the office of the president.
    her name is Sylvia,
    tell her you are on the BBB website making a complaint at that moment and want you entire amount refunded. she did it for me.
    dont forget to still file a complaint with the BB bureau even after you get your money back. oir others will cotinue getting scammed!

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  • Na
    Narisong Huhe Aug 24, 2010

    TLG Great Fun monthly charge my credit card without any authorization

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  • Cl
    C-Lo Aug 23, 2011

    This company somehow charged my elderly mother's credit card $149.99! Luckily, I monitor her banking and credit card activity, since she is on a fixed income. I saw the charge and she had no idea what it was for. I called the phone number on her CC statement and asked how they would have had her information to charge her card. They said as part of their marketing strategy, they often times mail out checks and 'clearly state if the check is cashed, it is automatic acceptance of membership and the card is charged'. However, the rep. I spoke with could not tell me HOW they would have gotten her credit card info. When I mentioned the word SCAM, she was very quick to offer a credit back to her credit card to be done within 7-10 days. Apparently, they must hear the same thing often, as it was very easy to obtain a cancellation of this membership. She could not tell me how much the bogus check was written for, but my mother has stated that she has NEVER cashed or deposited a check like that - she rips up all solicitation (junk) mail.

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do not remember ordering this $11.99 per month service

I have noticed that, over the past few months, a charge has appeared on my CHASE VISA card billing amounting to $11.99 per month attributed to "TLGGREATFN". I do not know when it began, actually did not REALLY NOTICE IT until today. I have no idea as to whom this company, service, or whatever refers. Neither do I have any idea as to how this $11.99 charge became part of my liability. I woiuld like very much to have it removed from my CHASE VISA STATEMENTES. Thanks for your attention to this item.


  • Th
    Thomas E. Daniels Dec 17, 2007

    I received my credit card bill for the month of December and on it was two charges to TLGGREATFN. One was for October for $11.00 and the other one was for November for $11.00. I have not previously accessed their web site or solicited any merchandise/services from them.

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  • Ma
    Maurice Levy Dec 23, 2007

    Someone wrote: "I received my credit card bill for the month of December and on it was two charges to TLGGREATFN. One was for October for $11.00 and the other one was for November for $11.00. I have not previously accessed their web site or solicited any merchandise/services from them." The same thing happened to me! Were you successful in getting the charges reversed?

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  • Do
    Donna Caroselli Jan 14, 2008

    TLGGreatFN--This company fraudulently charges me $11.99 per month for nothing. These charges started after I purchased airline tickets from Priceline.com. Does anyone have contact information for this scam company?


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  • Ro
    Robert Bowns Apr 28, 2010

    I have noticed that, over the past few months, a charge has appeared on my Master card billing amounting to $11.99 per month attributed to "TLGGREATFN". I do not know when it began. I have no idea as to whom this company, service, or whatever refers. Neither do I have any idea as to how this $11.99 charge became part of my liability. I woiuld like very much to have it removed frommy Mastercard Statement. Thanks for your attention to this item.

    Rebecca Bowns
    [email protected]

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charging my checking acct $149.99

Fraud charges to my account on 10/17/08

I called my bank to get my account balance and it said there was a charge for $149.99 from tlg great fun! Who is that! I've never heard of them in my life. It's bad enough everyone is having a hard time right now and stupid people such as them (and thats being very nice compared to what I would like to call them right now!) screwing up peoples lives and money. Quite scamming poeple and get off your butts and get a freakin job!!! I want my money returned immediatly!!! I am calling the fraud dept at my bank first thing in the morning 10/20/08 and I will get my money back!!!

charging me for a credit card I don't have

I purchased US Air 2 years ago, clerk asked if I wanted a free phone. Wanted my SS but she got my name on my...

fradulent charges

I went online to book a hotel with an online company and all of a sudden GREATFN starts showing up as a charge on my credit card. $14.99 a month! I called and the representative stated that she could not refund my charges and that I may have signed up for the free $25 gas card, which I NEVER received. That is ludicris since $25 would not have gotten me very far at the time they say I registered. Why would I agree to $15 a month to get a $25 gas card? When I told her that I was going to the states attorneys office she offered me a $50 gas card to continue the subscription I NEVER signed up for! What a joke! By the time I received my monthly statement and called to dispute the charge they had already posted the charge to show on the next months statement! BEWARE of booking trips online. A clerk at one of the hotels I recently stayed at told me that I could actually go online to find the best price and if I called the hotel directly they would not only give me that price they would give me an additional discount. It keeps them from having to pay the online company. Looks like it would have saved me a few months of fradulent charges and who knows how many months of disputes through my credit card company. What a headache!

unauthorized charges

I have had numerous charges on my credit card and I did not authoraize any of them and I am tired of getting...

scams taking money out of my account alot of them

I try to check my bank account on line every other week and every time i see stuff taken out of my checking account. This time it was from [protected] TLG*COOLEXTRAS took 11.95 out of my account.

Man i hate these people that cheat and scam others i have worked hard all my life. never cheated anyone or stole from anyone if i did this to someone I couldnt live with my self.

Some other other places i have had to fight with recently Homeplay-v they took 181.00 over 3 months. i called and made a stink and the stoped taking the money out and and sent me a form to fill out and they would consider refunding my money. I reported these guys to the FBI internet crime department. And my bank. When i called homeplay I asked the how they was able to take money out of my account and they said I went to Romans.com and bought stuff and somewere in the transaction i had signed up. what a bunch bull. I guess you cant do anything these days with out being cheated.

rewards.com took 110.00 out of my account i called and made a stink and they stoped taking the money out and refunded all the money.

  • K
    k Sep 22, 2008

    how do we find out who it was? is there legal action?

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  • Te
    Teresze Aug 16, 2018

    I've been charged monthly for 16.99 an unauthorized charge I was charged last month twice in one day I want to file a complaint about this service I want to be refunded totally for all these charges it says buyers

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your company is charging me $12.99 monthly... I have not authorize you!!! Theres no way I can communicate with you by phone. I'm going to cancel my credit card, so you can't charge me anymore... I would like to know who authorize you to make this charge!!! I don't even know for what are you making this montly charge to my master card.

  • Fi
    fightfraud Mar 31, 2009

    I had exactly the same experience. I have been charged for $12.99 per month since Sep 2007 and I didn't authorize this company at all!!! I only found the fraud out today - Mar 31, 2009 by checking my account details item by item. In America today, there's still fraud! I'm going to remind all my friends about this.

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  • Ro
    Robert Corbett Jun 11, 2009

    Yes, I have the same charges showing up on my account. The charge is appearing on my bank Visa account. How can I resolve this?

    Thank you.

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  • Pb
    p. b. Oct 05, 2009

    same here they withdrew 12.99 from my checking account without my authorization.

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  • Vg
    V.Gudgenov Dec 16, 2014

    My credit card account has been charged $12.99 monthly for at least an year ( could not check further back). I disputed the charges when I discovered this (BTW it was after an attempt by someone to use fraudulently my credit card!) with the Credit Card Company. When I spoke with representative of TLG*COMPhme, the claim was, that when I purchased a product from Cooking.com ( I purchased a knife sharpener), I have opened an account to try the services of TLG*, and it is for the Membership, that I was paying. I was supposed to cancel something (Membership) that I did not know existed!! Furthermore I have not benefited from any services.
    TLG* offered to cancel the last 4 months of charges and to cancel my account. Summary: I accepted, I am changing my credit card and letting everyone know: TLG* is a fraudulent company ( and actually whoever lets them lurk in their official cite is not much trustworthy either!)

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unauthorized charges on chase card

On my Chase credit card I have been charged membership fees for a service I didn't sign up for. Thi...

refund of something not authorize

There were two charges withdrawn from my account in the amount of 12.99 on 9/25/08. I called my bank to see what the charges were and she told me from a company name TLG. I called the 1800 number which was [protected] and spoke to a LaShay and she stated that I sign up for rewards and I told her I did not authorize any such thing. At this time I ask her to please cancel whatever membership and credit my account. She in return talked over me stating she could send me out discounts tickets for shoppoing for the holiday. I stated I DID NOT WANT ANT KIND ON TICKETS, JUST CREDIT MY ACCOUNT BACK. I told her there were two chareges for rthe same amount. She stsated that was not possible because they would only billed you for one month at a time. She stated that I needed to send a copy of my statment showing the charges twice. I told he that I surely would, she in return stated that if would take up to 2 weeks before I would received a refund in my account. She gave me a reference code for the refund. My money better be showed on my next bank statement. Be aware of these thieves. I told her it didn't take 2 weeks for them to take it out of my account so why should it take that long to put it back. I hung up at that time before I knew I would say something that I would regret.

  • Ka
    Kathy Plummer Dec 01, 2008

    Great Fun will steal from you if you let them. For instance they have sent me numerous $10.00 checks in the mail. No explaination until you read the back, where the check would be endorsed. It says by cashing this check you are authorizing Great Fun to charge your account for $129.00 for a one year membership for something. I got another one for $149.00 for a membership and they don't even tell you what kind of membership it's for. MY advice...don't mess with them, because if you do...eventually they are going to get you...

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illegal withdrawals

I noticed a charge on my credit card that I wasn't sure of so I called my CC company and they told me I...

unauthorized charges

Cool Extras has been taking $12.99 from one of my credit cards for 13 months. I CANCELLED my subscription...

stealing money from my credit card

For a number of months I noticed a charge of 11.99 on my credit card bill. At first I thought it was a service I was getting. i didn' t know for sure. I called the phone # that came with the charge. I called on a Sat. and no live people were working. I decided to look up who this company was on Google and found all these complaints against this company. They were the same things that were happening to me. I called my credit card Co who told me they would take off all the charges from day one in April. I closed my card and am having a new card issued.

  • Ba
    Barbara F Nov 06, 2008

    TLG GreatF charged my account $12.99. I have no idea why! I think it was associated to me attempting to get a credit report. What a crock! And of course I called and their offices are now closed, rest assured I will be speaking with my bank first thing and they are getting another call from me. BEWARE!

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coulmbia house

I was charged $35.99 to my credit card by TLG*GREAT FUN without explicitly giving permission for any charge...

unathorized billing to my checking account

for two months striat this so called company has billed my checking account without my athorization and every time that i try to contact them i can't get ahold to anyone only a recording .

  • Ga
    Gary C Burmaster Nov 05, 2008

    I had the same problem and called them at 1-877-763-4140 This is something that was billed after I had ordered movie tickets online.. They somehow offer you these discounts at certain stores and chg you 11.99 a month.. I had mine stopped..

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  • He
    Helen Feb 19, 2009

    In late December 2008, I booked an airticket on hotels.com, my bank informes me that I was charged by great fun by $12 . And in January, I was charged the second time for $19.99. I even don't know what is Great Fun and finally I hat to cancel my check accountant yesterday! American is full of Cheatings really!

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  • De
    Denise Perfetto Apr 28, 2017

    My grandmother has been billed for months. We just found out. She is old and they have taken advantage of her and so many people. This company should be shut down.

    0 Votes

did not want this it atomatically is billing me

i did not order this so do not bill my credit card. thers no one to talk to or no number to straightend this out. seems like i got caught in a scam and i wants some answers if you are reading this.this is so iresponsable of you to take advantage of someone trying to straighten their credit out . where is the watchdog groups at that are suppose to be gaurding us tax paying American citizens.This greatfun site needs shut down nd now!

  • Aw
    Awilda Rodriguez Nov 17, 2008

    I also want this co. to stop billing my credit card on automatic, i have been trying to remove it for about a year. This is rediculous and I'm writing to the Better Business Bureau!!!

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  • Di
    dill324 Sep 06, 2011

    Try contacting your credit card company and tell them it is a scam that you have not been even heard about it and cannot cancel it. the credit card company will automatically cancel it and try to resolve it for you. if not atleast they will stop the payments going out and return the last month's. then try to dispute it, go to


    should help

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