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Tissot T-Touch / terrible experience!

1 United States

Beware... The watch industry has a little game they play with the "water resistiveness" of watches. As a firefighter and avid outdoorsman, I wanted a functional, good looking watch. I was shown the T Touch and amazed by the gadgets it has. After owning it for only 6 months, it died. I sent it in and they repaired it with no explanation of the problem. Just recently, at 2 years old, it began to spin backwards and had a blank LCD display. This occurred in Mexico while swimming/floating in the pool. I sent it in again and was told that it will be $320.00 to repair due to rust in the movement. I was not very happy and stated I was not going to pay this. After further discussion, they asked what I was doing with this watch when it broke. I told them and they replied "you can't do that with this watch". WHAT? It is rated to 50 mtrs, which they replied that this watch is splash proof only. Maybe I am naive, as I am not a true watch enthusiast, but I took its rating at face value. I figured 50 meters was 50 meters. They stated that if the watch were gently lowered in the water, it would be fine to 150', but once you moved your arm, it would allow water in and destroy this watch. I guess this is standard in the industry. This watch is geared toward the adventurous... take it skydiving, take it rock climbing, go hiking... but for the love of god... do not wash your hands with it. Now I have to make a choice.. spend the $300 to fix this paperweight or put that towards the TAG I should have bought in the first place. If you only wear this watch around town... it is great.. I loved it. If you don't sit behind a desk your entire life... I would reconsider. Google "T Touch problems" and you will see I am not the only one. I wish I had before paid that much for a watch that will sit in my drawer now...

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