Tissot / prc200 t17.1.586.42 chronograph

Le Locle, Switzerland
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I had bought this watch on Saturday 10/19/2013 from a greek luxury eclusives e-shop. One year later I' ve started to observe that my watches time sometimes was totally wrong . I didn't want to believe it was a malfunction so I gave it a chance and have the battery replaced in a local watch store. One year after the same problem was emerged and I did the same. A month earlier I replaced again the battery and after a couple of weeks the indicators started running like Jusein Bolt. That was the final point that I understood I owned a piece of garbage. Then I sent the watch for service in Athens and they told me that I needed a new brand mechanism costing 180 €. So Tissot guys saled me a defective product for 306 €, which lasted through malfunctions for only about 3 years and 2 months and now ask me to trust them again and waste my money for a short life product. The only thing that l' ve regretted, is that I've never used the warranty because I believed it was a battery issue. I ask for a better service price because it's the company's faulty make.

Jan 31, 2017

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