Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation / wheel balancing

I took my car to Tire Kingdom #6214 at 2705 Blanding Blvd. in Middleburg FL on 7/20/2018 for tire rotation and wheel balancing. I asked for a 'load force' balance which was done along with complimentary wheel alignment check. I had an appointment but still waited nearly 3 hours for the service to be completed. After being told I needed wheel alignment, I gave the 'OK' to perform the additional work. The alignment seems fine but wheel balance is unacceptable. After returning the car for re-balance on 7-30 I still have a distinct wheel hop at various speeds. and it is worse now than it was. Again, I had an appointment but waited more than 2 hours for my car. While waiting, I observed my car was up on a rack and no one was doing anything. It stayed this way for about an hour, after which I queried the service manager who told me 'there is nothing wrong with the tires' and when I asked what was done to my car, he said 'nothing was done, I drove the car and it is fine'. At this point I left the store, only to discover the wheel balance is still off. I called back to inform of my dissatisfaction & indicated I'd be contacting Tire Kingdom's corporate office for resolution. I do not want to go back there again.

Attached is my paid receipt and work order. Since I paid cash, I'm asking for a refund of expense for tire balancing, $75.96 + taxes. Please forward check payment to me at my address of record so I may get this work performed correctly elsewhere. Thank You.

Douglas Mann

Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation

Jul 30, 2018

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