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Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation / tire replacement

1 3151 N Federal Hwy pompano beach fl 33062, United States

I had a flat tire on my 2014 Cadillac CTS coupe I had it towed to Tire Kingdom in Pompano Beach to have it replaced Erie I was formed the only sold new tires I have them replace a tire with a new one I selected from their inventory. I got the vehicle home and the next day I looked at the tire which didn't appear to be new the gauges in my car also was saying that it was running low on air I got out my air compressor and it also read that it was low on there I and started some air in it and I called Tire Kingdom where I purchase a tire and I spoke with the manager and told them I did not believe that the tire was new and I was having to put air in it he said he would check the video footage and get back with me which he did not I called back and didn't get any answer 2 days later I was driving and went to get on I-95 southbound when I got onto the entrance ramp as a curved around the tire blew out causing my axle to break the car became unstable and I side-swiped concrete barrier on the side of the ramp I had the car which was now undrivable completely turn back to the Tire Kingdom where I purchase a tire I spoke with the manager and he said that I had hit something like a curb because the rim was now cracked and I explained to him the whole was on the side of the tire because it blew out cracking the room and then the actual there was nothing to hit the on ramp the are no curbs and there was nothing in the road I had two passengers with me as Witnesses and the tow truck agreed from Cadillac roadside assistance insisted that it was my fault but I left the car there overnight and they said their manager would look at it in the morning I do not want money I just want my car fixed

Jan 31, 2019

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