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Called last week and made a appointment for a simple oil change and tire rotation for a retired lady that I would pay for. Jack told me have it there Tuesday (today) at 11:15. I asked could I leave it and pick up in an hour and half later and he said that would be "great"! I went in at 11:01 and there was one man there at counter on phone. I waited couple of minutes and he got off, asked could he help me and I said yes I have appointment for oil change at 11:15. He asked name. Phone rang again, he didn't say to word to me but just grabbed phone and starting talking. I waited. He asked a bunch of questions on phone and made appointment for person. Hung up, didn't say sorry for delay. He looks me up and says your appointment was a 11:00. I looked down at my watch and it said 11:06. But he went on and made work up order and I gave him keys and said going to lunch see you in a little bit. Never said another word and had already starting talking to man that had walked in after me. I come back 1 hour and fifty minutes later and said here to pick up car. He says, Oh, we are getting ready to pull it in right now. I said never mind as the elderly lady was with me and could not wait. Then I said I thought we had a appointment and I could get the car in 1.5 hours. I said your service is lousy which it was as the promised time had not been met. He says you were not here at 11:00 and I don't have to listen to your loud voice and I told him I am not loud but complaining as yes I was upset that he basically lied to me about the time. He then says to me, I only have one man back there. (Every bay was full by the why). I told him didn't you call another store for help or call someone in. He's say I'm trying. He knew he was short handed when I got there and he should have just told me that. He just starts tearing up the work order in front of me. He never said sorry, we have problems, we are behind, nothing. I know you are a huge chain and you only lost a 40 dollar deal but believe I have bought a lot of tires and service from Tire Kingdom in past years but never ever again.

Aug 21, 2018

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