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I went to tire kingdom in salisbury nc on 11/9/07. Wanted two new tires, all 4 wheels aligned, brakes checked for wear and an oil change. After finding the brakes had 50% wear left I declined replacing them. What I got was an inflated shop charge from $4.00 to $14.00.

Just an aligment check nothing actually fixed. All four tires inflated to 70 psi.

I did not pay for the alignment or shop charge.

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  • Ja
      Dec 10, 2009

    I am not exactly sure why this is a complaint. Simply stating that a charge is a scam is not a valid complaint. It is probably important to note that the same charge you claim is a scam is present industry wide. This is not a new charge nor is it a scam. The shop fee is a charge automatically computed by the point of sale invoice system. In the office next to the front counter or somewhere very visible should have been a TK corporate policy statement explaining this charge. In summary it is a fee of 10% of the pretax service charge that recovers the expense of miscellaneous fluids and materials. It also covers the disposal and cleaning of those materials above and beyond the disposal fee of oil. Rags must be contained in a special bin. Disposable oil quarts cannot be simply thrown away like you might do at your house (which is also not the correct disposal technique). They must be stored in a leak proof container and we are charged to dispose of them. This is the same container for oil filters. This is only some of the expenses. There is cleaning of the vehicle, floor mats, steering wheel covers, seat covers, hand soap, etc. The list is much longer. Very much longer!

    As you can see it would be near impossible to bill you separately for each item. That would be time consuming and would probably result in an even higher charge to compensate for the complicated billing procedure.

    No doubt it may be a little higher than some other corporate shops or dealers but most likely right around the same. Individual shop owners may or may not charge for this. I have seen this go both ways. Eventually even individual shop owners realize they must recover this expense somehow.

    As for not paying for the alignment I am not sure why that is a problem. Tire Kingdom offers Alignment checks for free. 70-80% of all vehicles that have not been aligned in the last 6 months will require an alignment. That percentage maybe even higher. That is a stat based on personal experience as a mechanic for the last 20 years. However, if you asked to have an alignment performed the difference between checking the alignment and actually making an adjustment is minor. Often times it takes only a few extra minutes to adjust the alignment. Basically you are getting all the work for free as a courtesy and then you are complaining about it. If you asked for an alignment then you should have been charged for it and you would have received all of the warranty that comes with it. A one time alignment at TK usually costs about 79.99 depending of course on your market area. That alignment comes with a 6 month warranty. You could have your vehicle aligned again in 6 months before the warranty ran out and you would be properly maintaining you tires. Without that warranty it is entirely possible that any wear patterns that your tires experience will not be covered. Obviously you did not maintain them by having the alignment done every six months. You are now just hoping that your alignment did not go out of adjustment. TK keeps records. And in six months you can say all you want about the last time you were in and how your alignment was fine but that salesman or manager is probably not going to remember your specific situation as they deal with many, many customers every day. They will simply look in the computer and see that an alignment was offered but you declined. That is evidence of not properly taking care of you tires. That will probably void the mileage warranty.

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  • Ro
      Apr 03, 2012

    You could go to a real mechanic, shut up and use common sense. Who goes to Tire Kingdom for quality anyways?

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