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Tinder / william daniel cosby

1 Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

this man is nothing but a con stay away from him. He will tell you lies; that he loves you borrow money and never pay it back. I've been punched slapped and knocked down. Trust me ladies slid this one to the left.

This man needs to be removed from your sight. trust me I am out over $1000. I trusted him, my mistake but I know for a fact I am not the only one he has done this to.

Apr 24, 2017
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  • Ne
      24th of Apr, 2018
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    I've known this POS since 2001. He tried to fool me again this past fall 2017. I wanted to believe him, but luckily I didn't fall for his lying, thieving, narcissistic ways. He goes by Daniel Bishop, Danny Black, Daniel Cosby, William Kynard, Danny, Daniel, or Will. He will take everything you own, use your own kids against you, lie about everything. His whole family is the same way. This creep is a sociopathic crackhead ghetto fabulous loser. Run away. His criminal record, and prison stint includes domestic battery against me, his ex wife, and another ex gf. He has choked, punched, slapped, and even broke two of my ribs beating me up.
    He will make you think you are the problem, so you beg him to stay. Trust me ladies, this one will rot in hell. If you like to be abused, lied to, do drugs, and be cheated on, he's your guy! Sorry Danny Black...I changed. You haven't changed anything, but your address. Btw, using my address for banking is fraud, and I will report it to Wells Fargo.
    Stay away from me and my family. And dont have your friends calling me pretending to want something else.
    Dueces mofo!

  • Su
      12th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    Wow. I met Daniel Bishop on Bumble in May 2018. I honestly believe he is schizophrenic & bipolar. One minute he was fun & loving the next he was telling me to “Get the [censored] outta my house” at 2am. He never hit me. It was always verbal abuse. The last time we were together he said he “should just kill you”. I had got sucked in with his smooth talk & lovemaking. And yes, I got my first ever STD from him. He lives in the projects and lies about being a house flipper even saying he “bought us a house” tho some days he didn’t have enough $ to buy his blunt papers. Smokes weed daily and sits on the couch or drives around Mercy Dr lookin for weed. He’s a paranoid man that was sure i was cheating on him~I was not~has anger issues with women so he’s constantly calls them demeaning & derogatory terms. If that’s the kind of “man” you want, you’ve hit the jackpot. He’s 51 & will never be more than he is right now: an abusive, lying, manipulative, cruel, heartless sociopath. No amount of love or caring will change it, tho he will tell you “I ain’t changin fo no woman. I don’t kiss no azz...but baby, I love you & im willing to work on it” Liar. He’s pleasing in bed~But what’s w his balls?~but after a while even that is ruined by his dominating & abusive behavior. I always believed there is good in every person..until Daniel Bishop/William Cosby came into my life. Oh. For fun, ask him about his many aliases. He was kidnapped by his mom and moved him to FL and changed his name. Sure.

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