Tinder / dating service south africa

[27/11, 06:46] ‪+[protected]‬: Hi
[27/11, 06:46] Jana Bain: Hi
[27/11, 06:47] ‪+[protected]‬: How u gorgous lady
[27/11, 06:47] Jana Bain: Who is this
[27/11, 06:47] ‪+[protected]‬: Got ur digits from u on tinder
[27/11, 06:48] Jana Bain: Huh? How? I'm not on tinder?
[27/11, 06:48] ‪+[protected]‬: Someone i spoke to gave it to me 😳
[27/11, 06:48] Jana Bain: And who is that?
[27/11, 06:49] ‪+[protected]‬: No idea i spoke to someone they gave me whatsapp num and un matched me after said well chat on whatsapp
[27/11, 06:50] Jana Bain: Okay...And for which reason must you chat with me?
[27/11, 06:50] ‪+[protected]‬: This is just strange
[27/11, 06:50] ‪+[protected]‬: Where u from?
[27/11, 06:52] Jana Bain: I know that is why I'm sounds're obviously south African...won't be difficult for me to track the frequencie of the cell
[27/11, 06:52] Jana Bain: Still why would someone ask you to whatsapp me?
[27/11, 06:52] ‪+[protected]‬: Why wud u wana do that? I can tell u where i am
[27/11, 06:52] ‪+[protected]‬: Unless someones tryna hook u up ? Friend maybe?
[27/11, 06:52] Jana Bain: I just find it strange that's all
[27/11, 06:53] Jana Bain: I don't know...I'm suspicious...Who is the person that gave you my number
[27/11, 06:53] Jana Bain: Give me a name
[27/11, 06:54] ‪+[protected]‬: It said JR -30
[27/11, 06:54] ‪+[protected]‬: Age 30
[27/11, 06:54] ‪+[protected]‬: 139km i think it was
[27/11, 06:54] Jana Bain: I am so confused
[27/11, 06:55] ‪+[protected]‬: Ok lets forget it then. Will delete ur number
[27/11, 06:55] Jana Bain: Somebody is pranking it like a dating site or something?
[27/11, 06:55] ‪+[protected]‬: Yes it is
[27/11, 06:56] Jana Bain: [censor] wait...No we need to investigate this...please do me a favour
[27/11, 06:56] Jana Bain: Can you send me the link to this site please
[27/11, 06:56] ‪+[protected]‬: Just go to app store and type tinder
[27/11, 06:57] Jana Bain: Ok then how do I get to my 'name'
[27/11, 06:57] Jana Bain: Don't delete my number yet please...I need your help on this
[27/11, 06:58] ‪+[protected]‬: I dnt know
[27/11, 06:58] ‪+[protected]‬: Im also new on that thing
[27/11, 06:58] Jana Bain: I think I know who has a sick sense of humour like this...
[27/11, 06:59] ‪+[protected]‬: So if u like a person u swipe right and if they swipe right on ur name too u get to chat to them
[27/11, 06:59] ‪+[protected]‬: Who ?
[27/11, 06:59] Jana Bain: My sister in law
[27/11, 06:59] Jana Bain: She hates me
[27/11, 06:59] ‪+[protected]‬: Where are u from tho
[27/11, 07:00] Jana Bain: Oh and I'm 35
[27/11, 07:01] Jana Bain: What?????
[27/11, 07:01] ‪+[protected]‬: Are u married ? 😳😳😳😳😳
[27/11, 07:01] Jana Bain: Ues
[27/11, 07:01] Jana Bain: Yes
[27/11, 07:01] ‪+[protected]‬: Omg this is [censor]ed up then
[27/11, 07:01] Jana Bain: A dating site you say
[27/11, 07:02] Jana Bain: This is [censor]ed up
[27/11, 07:02] ‪+[protected]‬: The site said u 130km away
[27/11, 07:02] Jana Bain: How the [censor] did this happen
[27/11, 07:02] ‪+[protected]‬: So i assumed u either in like dbn area or newcastle side
[27/11, 07:03] Jana Bain: I have never in my life been on a dating's too dangerous
[27/11, 07:03] ‪+[protected]‬: Me too. But heard bout this n gave it a shot coz theres no registration or anything
[27/11, 07:03] Jana Bain: No it's my brother and his wife...we don't speak and they don't know about my whereabouts at the moment
[27/11, 07:03] ‪+[protected]‬: So no details given
[27/11, 07:04] Jana Bain: I'm gonna give them all [censor] from the Australian government
[27/11, 07:11] Jana Bain: Was there a pic used?
[27/11, 07:12] ‪+[protected]‬: It was an edited kinda pic u lnow with that cats nose and stuff
[27/11, 07:12] ‪+[protected]‬: I dnt know what u call it
[27/11, 07:12] Jana Bain: Does it look like the same person who is in my whatsapp profile pic?
[27/11, 07:13] Jana Bain: Can you take a screen shot perhaps?
[27/11, 07:13] ‪+[protected]‬: Ay hard to tell coz of those ears and nose
[27/11, 07:13] ‪+[protected]‬: Nop once they un match u, they disappear from your contacts
[27/11, 07:13] ‪+[protected]‬: And no way of finding them again
[27/11, 07:14] ‪+[protected]‬: Unless u both swipe right again
[27/11, 07:14] Jana Bain: Oh...Well too bad
[27/11, 07:14] Jana Bain: Well I will talk later again I need to take my kids to school
[27/11, 07:14] ‪+[protected]‬: Ok kewl
[27/11, 07:15] ‪+[protected]‬: What do u do btw
[27/11, 07:15] ‪+[protected]‬: Im sorry . I didnt expect this especially didnt expect u to be married😳🙈
[27/11, 07:15] Jana Bain: Thank you for the help and sorry for the cruel joke played on US... I'm a qualified draughtslady without a job😂
[27/11, 07:16] ‪+[protected]‬: U just at home ?
[27/11, 07:16] Jana Bain: Like I said my sister in law hate me and she has a sick sense of humour
[27/11, 07:16] ‪+[protected]‬: Lol its ok . We both got setup
[27/11, 07:17] ‪+[protected]‬: Dont assume its her, cud be anyone
[27/11, 07:17] Jana Bain: Yes
[27/11, 07:17] Jana Bain: 🤣 I know it is her
[27/11, 07:17] ‪+[protected]‬: Lol tell husband to help u
[27/11, 07:17] ‪+[protected]‬: 😜
[27/11, 07:18] Jana Bain: He is a narcissists he will blame me I will sort this sit out myself but thanks 😁

This is how my morning freaked me out since I don't do dating sites. I would like to know if you can track the culprit that started this and put me in this spot in the first's dangerous, please keep me up to date and close all accounts associated with +27 [protected], [protected]

Kind Regards
Jana Bain

Nov 27, 2017

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