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Time Warner / internet outages

1 Murrieta, CA, United States Review updated:

I depend on my internet service for a small home based business. As we are all aware, every dollar adds up these days! The service has been off and on for the last 4 days. Sometimes for half an hour, sometimes for much longer. My customers are upset (not with me particularly), but with the situation. I get an email for an order and try to reply only to find the service down - again. My family depends on this extra source of income and I hate to possibly lose good customers.

I am thinking of going to Verizon Fios, however the thought of changing emails for the bank and many other places seem daunting. TW did give me a credit for 8 days, however FIOS is cheaper anyway. The customer service is usually horrendous - many times asking me to contact Apple as I have an iMac. The vast majority of problems are the fault of TW, not Apple. I'm thoroughly disgusted and WILL switch if necessary. My husband will just have to get used to a new channel lineup for the TV, lol.

I'm in Southern California - today TW blamed the *server* problems on the California fires which were quite awhile ago. Obviously just an excuse. Argh!

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      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I can't stand Time Warner. I have several outages every month. Sometimes there are several intermittent outages that only last for 5-10minutes, sometimes the internet is down for a couple days. Whenever I call Time Warner to solver the problem, their tech support team wastes my time with a bunch of routine robot-like troubleshooting that would make the average computer dummy feel like their equipment at fault. They usually will step you through the routine "power cycle" which wastes more time and allows them to stall you long enough to allow the service to be restored temporarily, only to have another outage in a few days. I have been told my cable modem needed to be replaced(so i replaced it), I've been told many times that I'll need to have a service tech come to test my equipment(which also wastes more of my time) and doesnt solve the outages. I even had a technician admit that the TX rate is really high which is why my internet connection is so slow. The most recent outage started by a few days of 5-20 minute period outages several times a day over the course of 3 days, then an outage that lasted 2 days. I had called tech support after the first hour and they told me again that they'll need a service tech to come check everything and my modem probably needs to be replaced. I left the modem unplugged for 2 days while i went out of town and when i came back and plugged the modem back in, the internet was magically working again.
    So i called to cancel my service call and to inquire about what the solution for these outages would be, and i had the worst robotic rep tell me everything other reps say, along with wasting more time by trying to paraphrase like a robot. When I argued that none of those solutions solves the problem permanently, and I mentioned how my cable modem connects to their DNS server, gives me an IP address, and i can even ping the Dns server's ip address and get a reply, but the internet connection wont work, he proceeded to blame the problem on the fact the time warner is always doing upgrades to make the service better and sometimes that might be creating the outages.
    If Time Warner is going to provide intermittent internet service, they should not be charging full price for their service.
    They are inefficient, and when their inefficiency makes my internet connection down, it affects my clients who i assist with computer problems remotely over the internet, and in turn creates an inefficiency in my small business, which also affects the efficiency of my clients.
    I canceled TW cable tv a long time ago because I disagree with cable tv programming, commercials, and redundant programming on every network, so all i use them for is internet.
    i'm trying to look into other ISP options at this time. I have had Time Warner cable in other homes i've lived in and their service has always sucks over the past 8 years that i've ended up having to use them

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      2nd of Jul, 2010
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    having problems with satellite through ALL OF THE CHANNELS, Today, yesterday, the cost is outrageous for the product and crappy customer service! good thing I have Verizon for internet and phone or I would be SCREWED!!

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      2nd of Jul, 2010
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