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Time Warner Cablevision / it's hell trying to work

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I have internet and telephone service with Time-Warner maintaining the cable. Last week, the phone and internet quit working. That is, it works sometimes if you're lucky. I called Time-Warner from a payphone (Friday) and they said that they would have someone come out and fix it Tuesday. Sure enough, someone did come out, but he said the problem had to do with some equipment on the telephone pole. He said that someone else would be coming out (Tuesday, that same day). When they didn't arrive, I called Time-Warner. They said that no one would be coming out Tuesday, but would come out Wednesday. I called Wednesday and asked if I would need to be at home and they said no. When no one showed up by late Wednesday afternoon ( I knew this because the phone line was dead), I called back. They said that no one would be coming out Wednesday, but would be coming out Thursday. I left and when I got back home that evening, a note was on the door that said that they had indeed came out (at 6:26pm) and to call a number to reschedule another appointment. If I had known that they were coming, I would have made sure I was at home. So early tomorrow (Thursday, 10-05-06) I will call them again. It's hell trying to work from your house when the phone and internet works only part of the time. It may be off for hours or all day. There's no way to tell. We'll see if they come out tomorrow.

Company details: Time-Warner, Shreveport, LA

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  • Va
      3rd of Jan, 2007
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    On 10/30, I had a scheduled appt with Time Warner for installation of internet and cable tv. The installers arrived 2 hours past the appt time.

    They did work in my bedroom and after they left, I discovered my watch was missing from my table and they were the only people in my apt so it's safe to say they stole it. I filed a police report and called Time Warner to file a complaint. I was told they would process the complaint and follow up with me shortly. Over a month later, I still did not get any follow up from them. Instead, I had to continually call them and each time with extraordinary wait times. During one attempt, I was on hold for 62 mins before someone picked up and it was immediately disconnected. After several attempts, I finally got a representative on 12/20 and was told he would expedite my request and would get a follow up from the field office. Now it's 1/2 and still no one at Time Warner has followed up with me. I just tried calling again and was on hold 40 mins before I gave up. I am extremely dissatisfied with Time Warner's handling of customer service. They plainly just don't acknowledge their customers or their concerns. I was also told that it takes 2 to 3 months to get a name of the installers that were in my apartment and walked off with my $5,000 Rolex watch. It concerns me that Time Warner would just send unknown contractors into people's homes and take no action in addressing problems like theft. I am completely frustrated with this company and still waiting for some kind of resolution or acknowledgment of my complaint.

  • Jo
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    Today I learned I would no longer be able to connect to the server that has provided me email service and that I would not receive the email sent to me today or in the future on that server. Since I pay in advance and am dependent upon my email being delivered, I will no longer trust this company with my email under any circumstances. I cancelled my service immediately after being informed by technical support that there is no solution to my problem. Word to the wise, learn from the mistakes and bad experiences of others. And there will not be anoher bad experience that will place the blame on me. It will remain, shame on you Time Warner.

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