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Time Warner Cable - Kansas City Missouri / no services were rendered and they want a termination fee!

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In October I ordered cable service including the road runner internet and e-mail service. The technicians never showed up when they were supposed to. When they finally did show up they did not have the right cable and I wasted a whole day that I took off from work. The following week time warner sent a technician with the right cable and he did hook up the cable. It did not work for sometime and they eventually got it somewhat working. In the mean time the internet service had several problems. The modems did network and a second tech was sent; they said the service was working, however it kept cycling on and off continuously. Nothing worked and we called several times and they did perform trouble shooting over the phone. They told us that the problem was our PC and television sets. The tech over the phone said we should get a new TV and then call for service. We got a TV brand new and it still did not work. The Time Warner techs who were very rude then informed us that they could not do anything until we bought new TVs and PCs. They were very rude and not willing to listen to our concerns. When we insisted on them sending someone they were very resistant and when they finally agreed to send someone and this person never showed up. This week I got a bill for $255.00 early termination fee for a service that was never provided or rendered. I called from my cell to ask why I received this bill and again they were rude and unhelpful. I finally spoke to a supervisor by the name of Marcus who would only give his extension at [protected] at extension 8669 tonight (01/05/07) and nothing has changed. He was rude and informed me that there was nothing that he could do and he asked me to produce proof that they did not fix the problem. We had the service for three days and it never worked. No services were rendered and they want a termination fee. An artificial person (corporation should not have that much free reign as to exploit a real person; me). This is unfair. They still want me to pay. Help if you have an antidote.

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  • Di
      26th of Feb, 2007
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    I agree with you 100% about Time Warner.. I was with them for a year without a problem...Then I received a bill for $189.00 without a reason...I called and they said my subscription ran out...I said I never had one when I signed up and told them I fax the order showing them it never was on my receipt for any commitment of a 15 month at that price...They said it was but would not give me the fax number to send my receipt in and finally they realize it was a new man that signed me up and had lied to me and that is why it never shows on receipt ...They said it makes no different you have to pay this every month... I was only paying the $99.95 plus tax each month that is still being offer on the internet... Finally they told me they will bring it down to $127 a month with a 15 month agreement...I said I want what is offer on the internet with the free showtime and movie channel for a year...They said we do not have that anymore...Well, I notice the offer is still there after 3 months and they did not take it off when I inform them that the need to take it off if it is not correct on their webpage... Short version... I being taken for $30 more a month and no free movies...Consumers be aware you will not get a warning when this so call 15 month contact is over and expect a high bill....and you will not get to sign back up for the $99.95....unless you are a lucky one....I thought since they would suppose to take the miss leading ad off website that I go another 15 months but if I know now that it was only $99.95 and that it was a good ad then they should never lied to me...Will I sign up when my 15 months is over...Over my dead body....

  • Ca
      16th of May, 2008
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    Also very disapointed with Time Warner, Have been a customer with them for over 20 years, which is fine until you have a problem. There customer service is very poor the attitude I recieved was that the fact that I had been a long time loyal customer meant absolutly nothing to them, the did not care that I have decided to discontinue my service and change my phone service back to Southwestern Bell, or that I cancelled my cable and internet service with them. The problem I had with them was that I also paid a installation charge to have Road runner connected which I was originally told the problem was with my computor, I too upgraded my computor and still have problems, now technicians are saying lines that I paid them (so called subcontractors for time warner) to install were never done right to begin with. they split off the line with splitter which then caused, reception problem with television, now they want to recharge me another installation charge to re-run lines that they previously ran that in My opinion and there technician's opinion were never done correctly to begin with. Just a note to any future reader having problems with road runner, they tell me now that road runner has to be supported by its own seperate outside line. They say I need 4 seperate lines ran, my previous reciept even shows 4 active outlets last time they performed work. Now there charges are an addition 59.90 plus 62.90 rework charge. They say this is custom work. But they didn't have problem even with the fact that last technician out ran line thru my kitchen floor (hardwood) about 10-12 inches from wall, guess that floor repair will be on me too ($$$), in meantime I have to place a piece of furniture over hole, cause now the floor looks terrible. The only response that I can get is we are sorry that you are dissapointed with us...BUT THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO..., This is after at least 10 or more calls and speaking to 3 supervisors. Sure wish I could reach the person in charge of there supervisors...Oh well there response would probably be they don't care either after all, its just a job...not a career..and there just there for the paycheck at the end of the week and could not care less about the loyal customers who pay there checks each week. Not that it matters, they are just to big...but this is one previously very loyal customer who will no longer be contributing to there pay each week.

  • Bu
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I just got time warner internet. I was told I had to prepay the first months internet plus installation charge for a total of 79.00 dollars. They installed on thrusday, and I just found out that they charged my card twice. Im calling them tomarrow and I expect a run around and told that my refund will take 30 days, based on what I have seen on the internet here in the last hour.

    Bull crap. If they can take it that fast, they can refund it that fast, or they are going to be sued for the overdraft fees they caused me to incur!

  • Co
      26th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I hve been trying to transfer our service since 7/8, today is the 26th!!! I got charged 1500.00 because they couldnt transfer my service cuz someone else had it in their name at my new house but get this...someone moved into my old house and they canceled our service to hook them up?!?!? Make sense, NOPE! Customer service sucks and I finall got an install date 7/22 with a no show and no one even called me. I called them and they said they have no idea what happened and theres nothing they can do. They scheduled it AGAIN for today and guess what... no show AGAIN! I called and got this horrible lady in the "fraud dept" because now we just learned we owe them 170.00?!?! Didnt know that til today. I was furious that she would not answer any of my questions and she told me if I didnt act right she would cancel our install again, WHAT?!?!?! I hate time Warner and something should be done about them! FIRE them all!!! I thought we had no other choice but time warner but we just found out we get ATT and Im so glad to say EFF YOU time warner!!! I also filed a complaint w/ the BBB and Ithink yall should too!

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