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Time Warner Cable / price lock guarantee and $100 cash back

1 14079 Senlac DrDallas, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 972-742-5892

I signed up for bundle package and requested the price lock guarantee. I received the form in the mail. Completed it mail it back on 6/27/07. Today is August 12, 2008. I decided to call about the cash back redemption. I spoke to someone in Billing. He said I need to talk to the Sales department. When that person could not help me he said I need Billing. I told him the first person said I need Sales. He said he had to transfer me back to billing, instead he transfered me to techinal support. She transfered me back to Sale. The person is Sales was trying to change my service to up my price. I advised her I was not trying to change my service, I want to know when will I receive my $100 cash back. She said she could not help me. So, I decide to find a website to write about my complaint and tell any one who does not know that Time Warners customer services STINKS! They do not have a clue. It's amazing they are still in business.

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      11th of Sep, 2008
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    I was contacted by their sales department. Since I already had a one-year contract bundle package, I didn't think they could do better. I told the sales rep that I already received all movie channels and had a DVR for $149 a month. He said he could give me the same package but up my internet speed and eliminate the DVR cost as well as the extra home terminal cost, bringing my bill down to $134.99. Once my bill came in, it was for $187. When I called to find out why, they said it was because I had movie channels. They aren't included in the price lock. What a SCAM!!! Why in the hell would I change my service to NOT include all the movie channels? SURE...give me a free box and start charging me for ALL the movie channels. NOT!!! Now they are refusing to fix THEIR error. Time to switch to ATT Uverse.

  • Gr
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    Time warner suck here in Erie, PA also.
    It takes at-least twenty minutes to get ahold of someone on the phone.
    To much money
    People on the phone can not, will not help you resolve problems they just "send out a tec" even though it could be a setting on the box that can be changed in less than a minute.
    I get partial bills for up grades and things of that nature but do I get a refund when my cable goes out for two days straight? Nope
    The equipment they rent is crap real slow loading wait forever for menu to pop up. There fix "send a test signal" every time.

    I need to call and see if I can get out of this "price lock" but I think Im 'locked in" also. I would so much rather pay more per month for direct tv. My parents have had it for years they love it and great Customer service from what they tell me.

  • Tw
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    We hate TWC too. My daughter, a college student, got stuck with the 2 year contract for more services than they can afford and now it will cost $150 to get out of it. If anyone knows how to get out of the contract without penalty help...

  • Ra
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    To twcbites I'm getting ready to go and see if I can get out of my price lock. I thought I called in within the 60 day period but I must have gotten my dates mixed up. I was hoping that they would let me get out due to the fact that they never sent any paperwork in the mail re the new contract for the price lock. I was passed between 5 different people. The last person I spoke with suggested that I could possibly downgrade my service and get out of the price lock. I am going to try that route, rather than be penalized $100. If that works and gets me out of the price lock then I am going to cancel TWC on the day after. I will use my coupon to get a converter and watch what I can on TV and the rest I will just catch on the internet. May eventually build my own dvr. I think we should all fire TWC, they deserve it with their exorbitant prices.

  • Ik
      13th of May, 2011
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    I totally agree. In December of 2008, I called Time Warner Cable regarding our bill. They notified me of a 2 year price lock guarantee, which would reduce my bill. I agreed to the 2 years over the phone. We recently purchased a new home in which is out of their service area called TWC to cancel. They notified us the the 2 year price lock autorenewed in December. Nobody ever told me this was going to autorenew. They said they send a form out in September of 2010, which I never received saying that if I don't contact them, that I will have agreed to 2 more years. I never agreed to an autorenewal. I asked to listen to the phone call where I agreed to it, they only keep them for a year is what I was told. The third party verification is kept longer, but I need a subpoena to listen to that. So now, we are being forced to pay $135 to get out of a contract that we never agreed to for a service that is no longer available to us. This is unacceptable to me.

  • Sn
      4th of Oct, 2012
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    I too am having a terrible time dealing with Time Warner Cable customer service. I agreed to a two-year price lock guarantee in September of 2009 at about $120.00 (for basic cable, tv and unlimited nationwide calling) and when I called three days ago to lower my rates because they raised my rate to $149.45, they told me that I had been automatically renewed in to another 2-yr price lock guarantee in September 2011. I never agreed to an automatic renewal. My questions are: "Why wasn't I asked or told that I was being put in to another price-lock guarantee without my knowledge?" and "If I was put in to another two-year price-lock guarantee, why has my rate gone up?". I called first on Monday, Oct 1, 2012 and held for at least 20 minutes for customer service. I talked to someone in customer service and explained they situation and they transferred me to "Retention". I held for at least another 20 minutes, till someone picked up and I explained the situation to him. He said that they would be able to waive an "early termination fee" of $150.00 since I didn't agree to the automatic renewal in to another 2-yr price lock guarantee and they would drop my rate to resemble a little more the deal they are giving new customers ($89.99 for all basic cable, TV and unlimited nationwide phone service). However, he said that I would have to be transferred back to customer service for them to waive the "early termination fee". So, I held for another 20 minutes to be put through to customer service and after about 20 minutes, I was disconnected. I have a 5 and 3 yr old and by this time, my 3 yr old needed me, so I thought I would try again the day after.
    On Oct 2nd, 2012, I called Time Warner Customer service again and held for at least 20 minutes. I finally got through to Customer service and explained the whole situation to her, and what happened the day before. She said I would be put through to Retention. I held for another 10 minutes and was put through to someone named "Cassandra" in Retention, but suddenly she couldn't hear me and I kept saying "hello", "hello" and she couldn't hear me, so she disconnected. So, I called right back and held for 20 minutes and was put through to "Customer Service", because "Retention" does not have a direct line, I explained the whole situation again including what happened just in my previous call of the day and I was put through to Retention again. I held for 20 minutes, but while I was holding on, I received an incoming call from a local "ship on site" business that I had visited the day prior to follow up on something I was shipping. This person from the business could hear me fine and I flashed back to the Time Warner Customer service call and kept holding for another two minutes and was connected with "Retention", however when I said "hello", in response to them again, they couldn't hear me again, and the representative said "I can't hear you... I can't hear you... we seem to be having technical difficulties... I will have to disconnect you in 5 seconds... Disconnecting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and then I was hung up on again!
    I took a day break and decided to call back today, Oct 4th, 2012 to get an email ID to write to them because I was tired of having to repeat myself every time. I called Customer Service and held for 20 minutes and asked for retention right away, after of course having to authenticate myself yet again, she put me through to "Retention" where I explained the whole situation again including everything in the previous phone calls. This time this different person in "Retention" let me know that they wouldn't be able to waive my "early termination fee" even though I had been put in another automatic 2-yr price-lock guarantee without my knowledge and they could just offer me a $7.00/ month discount. I said that this was not satisfactory to me and asked to cancel my account - he went ahead and cancelled it and told me that I would have to return my modem to the service center within 4 days. (I thought my modem was paid off after over 5 years of service!). I asked to be transferred to customer service after that because I still wanted to know why I had been charged over $30.00 over the last year, even though I was in an automatic price-lock guarantee. I held for another 20 minutes and got a more helpful person in Customer service this time. She said that to look at my bills, she would have to remove the "cancel" on my service, which I agreed to and I decided to explain the whole situation to her and she said that she could waive my early termination fee and then she looked at my bill and she also sounded surprised when she looked at my bill and she said " Yes, you are being charged more than from your first price-lock guarantee" and at this point there was a hum and a click and our call got disconnected! So, I still don't have an address or email to write to Time Warner cable and my service with them is still active and I don't have any answers! What do I do?

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